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What is Numerology?

Numerology is the analysis of numbers, specifically one’s date of birth, and the associated numerical values given to the letters of the alphabet, specifically one’s name. Numerology also examines such numbers and their extraordinary effects on one’s life and associated energy vibrations, along with the interpretation of such information to provide insight and guidance.

Lesson One - Basics of Free Numerology Online
Learn about the vibrational energies and associated balanced qualities of the numbers one through nine, eleven, and twenty-two. Begin the first in a series of Numerology Home Play exercises. For this exercise, you will prepare a list of potential unbalanced qualities expressed for each number, both under-balanced as well as over-balanced.

Lesson Two - The Alphabet in Relationship to Numbers
Discover the correlation of the twenty-six letters of the alphabet to the numbers one through nine. Read about the vibrational patterns and qualities embodied within each letter. Consider the individual energies associated with each letter of your name, as well as the total sum of the vibrations.

Lesson Three - The Core Concept
Gain insight into the five main central aspects or vibrations that comprise your core being, including the Life Path, Birth Day, Expression, Heart’s Desire, and Personality. Examine the essence of each Core Concept and the influence that it has in the expression of your individual character.

Lesson Four - The Life Path
Delve deeper into an understanding of the Life Path core concept, your record of acquired knowledge, and how it can be utilized as the most reliable and important source of information pertaining to inherent skills and abilities. An example calculation and interpretation provides valuable insight into the need to understand your Life Path.

Lesson Five - The Birth Day
Acquire information pertaining to the importance of your day of birth (not including the specific month and/or year of birth) and its relationship to life lessons and your abilities and perceived talents. An example reveals the main emphasis and sub-influences of the numerological calculations associated with the Birth Day.

Lesson Six - The Expression
Learn how your full birth name contains valuable information related to your life purpose and areas of potential fulfillment, as well as how progression through life brings about a more pronounced Expression. An example calculation related to a person’s name demonstrates how you can gain knowledge from such information into beneficial and fulfilling pursuits of purpose.

Lesson Seven - The Heart’s Desire
Gain an understanding into the connection of the energetic vibrations of the vowels in your full birth name with the things that comprise your innermost Heart’s Desire. Use the information gained from a sample calculation as guidance for determining how to acquire more meaningful experiences and relationships in your life.

Lesson Eight - The Personality
Find out how the consonants of your full birth name make up the vibrational energy of how you are “interpreted” and “directed” by the outer world after making a first impression. Sample work not only demonstrates how the total of the Heart’s Desire and the Personality equals the Expression or Destiny, but also teaches you how to best utilize the supportive nature of the Personality vibration.

Lesson Nine - Formula for Blending Core Aspects
After calculating your Life Path Chart, create a Blending Chart that identifies how each Core Concept contributes to your life’s journey both individually and collectively. Prior example calculations are brought together to create an invaluable and insightful sample Blending Chart.

Lesson Ten - Harmonious and Discordant Aspects
Part Two of this free Numerology online course begins with a detailed explanation and numerous examples explaining how the five main Core Concepts can exist in a harmonious or discordant manner. Valuable suggestions are giving to assist numerologists in interpreting such relationships, which in turn will aid those with whom they are working.

Lesson Eleven - The Intensification of Numbers
In-depth information and an example are presented to assist you in deciphering how the excessive, but not necessarily bad, appearance of numbers of one through nine pertaining to your name, as well as the missing numbers, are expressed in your life. This will contribute to your gaining a deeper understanding of the life lessons that you will encounter due to the Intensification of Numbers.

Lesson Twelve - The First Name and Karmic Numbers
In this lesson, you will learn about the correlation between The First Name, its associated Growth Number, First Letter, and First Vowel, to potentially challenging Karmic Numbers that suggest unfinished business or qualities that you wish to develop. Discover the significance of a Karmic Number if it appears in one of your Core Elements.

Lesson Thirteen - The Habit Challenge
By creating a Habit Challenge chart, you can interpret the potential under-balanced or over-balanced expressions of the often-negative repeated patterns that you display during your lifetime and find new ways for balancing their influence. Glean further insight from a detailed listing of potential responses to Habit Challenges.

Lesson Fourteen - The Maturity Number
By blending two Core Elements, your Life Path Number and your Expression Number, you can determine your Maturity Number, a vibration which becomes more pronounced in the central time of your life. Find out how to use the Maturity Number to guide you towards an outward expression that is necessary to find happiness, opportunity, and satisfaction in your later years of life.

Lesson Fifteen - The Personal Year
This lesson introduces you to the existence of various types of Cyclic Vibrations of Numerology, including Key Cyclic and Personal Cyclic Vibrations. As the first of three Personal Cyclic Vibrations, learn how to calculate and interpret the energies of a Universal Year chart, as well as a Personal Year chart, Personal Month chart, and Personal Day chart.

Lesson Sixteen - The Pinnacles
Unearth information, calculations, and analysis about one of the three Key Cyclic Vibrations known as the Pinnacles that is associated with four main stages of your life and based on nine-year cycles. Such Pinnacles serve as “road maps of experience” and provide you with an avenue of lifelong expression for your Core Aspects.

Lesson Seventeen - The Challenges
Learn about the Key Cyclic Vibration known as the Challenges, which occur simultaneously in nine-year cycles with the Pinnacles. See how the three forms of Challenges, including the Outstanding, the Mixed, and the Cipher Challenges, all occur during your lifetime. Symbolic of the bends and obstacles in the path of life, you are encouraged to calculate, interpret, and incorporate the Challenges associated with the various cycles of your life’s development.

Lesson Eighteen - The Life Path Periods
As another form of Key Cyclic Vibrations, determine which of the three key Life Path Periods that your life is currently traveling. Come to understand the timing of each of the Life Path Periods, as well as their unique, globally influential, energetic qualities. Calculate your specific Life Path Periods and discover where you are along the pathway.

Lesson Nineteen - The Essences
The second Personal Cyclic Vibration is the Essences. By gathering and calculating information affiliated with the letters of your full birth name, you can uncover and begin to fully utilize the combined vibrational Essences effecting your current Personal Year and determine how long the influence, or Transit, of each individual letter’s character will serve as an Essence in your life.

Lesson Twenty - The Transits
The individual letters of your full birth name are associated with the third Personal Cyclic Vibration known as the Transits. Each letter has a specific time-period (between one and nine years), or Transit, that it will function as an energetic influence. Read the extensive information highlighting the numerous Transits possible, as well as learn how to calculate and interpret Transits, primarily in connection to your current Personal Year.

Lesson Twenty-One - Numerology Software
Receive encouraging words on continuing your studies and practice of Numerology, as well as recommendations pertaining to free downloadable Numerology software programs that you can operate on Windows computer systems.

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