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Numerology Lesson 21 - Numerology Software

Some Words of Encouragement

First of all, we would like to sincerely thank you for taking this journey with us. Numerology has been a wonderful tool in our lives and has assisted us in helping literally thousands of people.

If you're interested in continuing to improve your Numerology skills, you will benefit greatly from practicing the techniques you have learned in this course. We encourage you to do as many readings as possible. As you play/work with various types of people, you will gain much insight about Numerology and how it can help to clarify the issues that are most important in people's lives.

Keep your numerology sessions as light and fun as you can. Let go of having to "get it right" or be perfect. Allow yourself the luxury of experimentation. Blend the logical mathematics of Numerology with your own intuition and distinctive qualities. From a Numerology standpoint, your Core Aspects form a unique set of qualities from which you can deliver your own flavor of sessions.

The Numerology Software

You can download Numerology free software from the Internet. Why did we teach you how to calculate by hand? So you would learn the basics of Numerology from the ground up. Understanding and doing each calculation by hand helps to anchor the information in useful ways. Besides, if you want to do some calculations and you don't have a computer handy, you can still be effective.

For Windows, our two favorite Numerology software programs are listed below:

We have not yet located or tested any Macintosh software but would be more than happy to list highly recommended programs. Please let us know if you locate some good Mac Numerology software.

There are also Free XP Numerology Software programs available on the net. If you find a good one, please let us know (email address at the bottom of the page).

Here's wishing great adventures and joy as you use the wonderful tool of Numerology with Heart.


HeartCore Corporation

Kirk VandenBerghe & Sandy Breckenridge
HeartCore Corporation
Kauai, Hawaii, USA

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Lesson One:
Basics of Numerology

Lesson Two:
The Alphabet in Relationship to Numbers

Lesson Three:
The Core Concept

Lesson Four:
The Life Path

Lesson Five:
The Birth Day


Lesson Six:
The Expression

Lesson Seven:
The Heart's Desire

Lesson Eight:
The Personality

Lesson Nine:
Formula for Blending Core Aspects

Lesson Ten:
Harmonious and Discordant Aspects


Lesson Eleven:
The Intensification of Numbers

Lesson Twelve:
The First Name and Karmic Numbers

Lesson Thirteen:
The Habit Challenge

Lesson Fourteen:
The Maturity Number

Lesson Fifteen:
The Personal Year


Lesson Sixteen:
The Pinnacles

Lesson Seventeen:
The Challenges

Lesson Eighteen:
The Life Path Periods

Lesson Nineteen:
The Essences

Lesson Twenty:
The Transits

Lesson Twenty-one:
Numerology Software





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