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Numerology Lesson Ten  - Harmonious and Discordant Aspects

In this numerology lesson we begin Part Two of our Numerology with Heart On-Line workshop. During the next few lessons we will discuss various cycles, modifiers, and other key elements found in a numerology chart. By adding this information to your chart interpretations your analysis will become richer and more complete.

In Numerology Lesson Nine we discussed the Formula for Blending Core Aspects. In this lesson we want to help you learn how to discern the many ways the core elements may effect or impact each other. In Numerology Lesson One we discussed the theory behind numerology and its vibrational nature. Let's take that theory a step further and use the words "harmonious" and "discordant" to describe the relationship between the main core aspects. Let's use music as a metaphor and imagine that each of our lives are a unique song. A harmonious relationship is a blending that comes together and appears to flow with grace and ease. A discordant relationship is a blending that seems offbeat or out or sorts in some way. A discordant tone could even appear to split off and sound like two tones disrupting each other to find identity. This may sound familiar to some of you already.

In working with over-balanced and under-balanced energy, you can imagine that the harmonious and discordant relationship might have something to do with bringing about this imbalance. We believe so. We also believe that everyone has free will. Therefore, some people can take even the most discordant combination and transform it into an opportunity. They quickly reshape the imbalance and seek ways to find empowerment. It is much like the friction of a match striking an abrasive surface to create a fire that then continues to build momentum.

In other situations we have found harmonious energies, which should flow with ease, that are never quite able to gain momentum. Therefore, the intended purpose is never quite realized. This has brought us to feel that both aspects, harmonious and discordant, can be positive as well as negative. However, by understanding the relationship of the core elements with each other and the potentials that exist within their relationship, a numerologist can help find solutions. They can act as a guide and help their clients recognize possible choices that they hadn't recognized before. As a chart interpreter, you may also be able to point out possible patterns in which awareness can be developed.

In this lesson we explore examples of possible combinations for you. Over the years of examining charts, we have found that there are no set rules. Some combinations in which compatibility seems so unlikely to exist, can bring out the best of each number's qualities through a person's consistent learning by trial and error. On the other hand, some combinations which are easy to blend, can create a lack of desire and energy. In these situations the person may become complacent or bored. They may not live up to the full potential found within their chart. We wish you to become insightful Numerologists. Therefore, this lesson's Numerology Home Play focuses on exercises to help in utilizing both harmonious and discordant energies in constructive ways! For fun, imagine ways that the combinations could become out of balance as well.

Refresh your memory by going back and rereading the key descriptions of each core part. The Life Path points to talents and abilities. The Heart's Desire is an expression of motivation and desire. In the Expression you find opportunity and purpose, and in the Personality you find supportive traits. Use these descriptions when blending these energies.


Let's refer back to our subject, Barbara Ann Kelly, who has a 1 for a Life Path and a 7 for a Heart's Desire. This vibration is usually discordant. What does that mean? It may mean that the 1's talents and abilities leading her to attainment are strong-willed. This would conflict with the desire and motivation of the 7 Heart that wants to take time to develop introspection and understanding. The 1 would become impatient with the 7 and the 7 would resent the 1! Anyone with this combination will probably be very familiar with this description.

People may feel like a dichotomy exists within them when energies that seem foreign to each other exist in their natures. A practiced Numerologist will assist by helping create connection between these parts. This helps to create inner communication and an easier flow of energy.

Let's pose a couple of important questions:

What is a possible direction to take with these two seemingly conflicting energies to help them learn how to connect?
What would need to occur for this to be possible?

Perhaps if the desire and motivation of the 7 Heart were empowered to use its keen observation, intuition, and ability of analysis, it could empower the 1 Life Path to use this newly acquired knowledge to lead it to greater attainment! A potentially discordant combination is now co-creating in a way that works for both energies. The inner vibrations can now flow with more ease.

Using another example, let's consider the combination of a 2 Life Path and a 3 Expression. This combination is usually harmonious. In this case, the ability of the 2 Life Path to act as a team player is supported by the 3's social awareness and opportunities found through expression. The cooperation within the 2 can help the 3 meet it's purpose. But, what if the 3 Expression lacked purpose and direction and was too frivolous and playful? The 2 would experience an inner lack of cooperation which could lead to frustration. This example illustrates how a combination that is usually harmonious can still create imbalances! Again, it is about free will!

In our next example, let's use a 4 Expression and a 6 Heart's Desire. This combination is usually harmonious. The 4 has abilities which like to create systems and order while the 6 Heart's Desire is motivated to serve and wants responsibility. These two vibrations can team up and become incredibly powerful. However, what if the 4 becomes too restrictive and one dimensional? The 6--who loves to contribute--would feel the restriction and may respond with a lack of commitment. The 6 Heart would feel disconnected and could not serve in the ways that it wished! In this case, a practiced Numerologist could point out possibilities and help the client bridge to more useful awareness'.

Numerology is a wonderful tool to use when facilitating others. By helping a person understand their nature and balance their core parts, people become more powerful and effective.

Table of Harmonious and Discordant Relationships

Legend: h = Harmonious, d = Discordant, vd = Very Discordant, e = Either

1-2=d 2-2=VD
1-3=h 2-3=h 3-3=VD
1-4=h 2-4=h 3-4=d 4-4=VD
1-5=e 2-5=d 3-5=h 4-5=d 5-5=VD
1-6=d 2-6=h 3-6=h 4-6=h 5-6=d 6-6=VD
1-7=d 2-7=d 3-7=d 4-7=h 5-7=d 6-7=d 7-7=VD
1-8=h 2-8=d 3-8=d 4-8=d 5-8=d 6-8=d 7-8=d 8-8=VD
1-9=d 2-9=h 3-9=h 4-9=d 5-9=d 6-9=h 7-9=d 8-9=d 9-9=VD
1-11=d 2-11=h 3-11=h 4-11=d 5-11=d 6-11=h 7-11=h 8-11=d 9-11=h 11-11=VD
1-22=d 2-22=d 3-22=d 4-22=e 5-22=d 6-22=h 7-22=d 8-22=h 9-22=h 11-22=d 22-22=VD

Numerology Home Play

  1. Get your pen and pad out and refer back to the charts you created in Lesson Nine.

  2. For each person, practice blending the core elements:
If the combination is harmonious, examine the traits and how they could blend and flow with ease.
Imagine how they could become disruptive and move into an under-balanced or over-balanced state.
If the combination is discordant examine the traits and how they may conflict with each other.
Consider how they could be supportive to each other and create harmony.
  1. First, combine the talents and abilities of the Life Path with the purpose and opportunities of the Expression.

  2. Next, combine the Life Path with the motivations of the Heart's Desire.

  3. Last, combine the Heart's Desire with the Expression.

Next Numerology Lesson

In Numerology Lesson Eleven we will discuss "The Intensification of Numbers Within a Name." Each number found within a name will either be average, below average, or above average. This points to the intensity of each number. We use this information to modify the existing chart and also point us to Karmic Lessons or excessive energies. We invite you to continue to learn new ways to empower your individual nature to achieve your life's purpose.

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