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Numerology Lesson 20 - The Transits

The individual letters of the alphabet combine together to create many different aspects found in a Numerology chart. The letters make up the Expression, Heart's Desire, and the Personality. The Growth Number, First Letter, and First Vowel are also derived from letters. We devote this lesson to the individual letters expressed as Transits.

As we learned in Numerology Lesson Nineteen, the Transits are the letters that make up a name or word. Each letter represents an influence and lasts for an equivalent number of years relative to their numerical placement in the alphabet (reduced to a single digit). Each of the Transits convey a message.

When calculating an Essence Chart, as we did in Numerology Lesson Nineteen, we note which letter in our first, middle, and last names are influencing the current year. (Again, the system will work regardless of how many individual names are within a person's complete name.) The combined vibration equals the Essence, but each individual vibration, or Transit, also represents significant energy influences for the given year. Each Transit has an independent message while it is operating in a given year. The Transits and Essences are equal in their importance to the Personal Year and it is helpful to interpret their energies together.

To refresh your memory, the following chart illustrates the length of time each letter is active as a Transit influence.

Letter Length of
A J S 1 year
B K T 2 years
C L U 3 years
D M V 4 years
E N W 5 years
F O X 6 years
G P Y 7 years
H Q Z 8 years
I R   9 years

Age Chart for Timing of The Transits and Essences

Let's refer back to the chart created in Numerology Lesson Nineteen. By using Barbara's name as an example, we can highlight the active Transits. Note the current year and you'll find which Transits are influencing the year in question. Each Transit lasts between one and nine years as indicated in our previous chart. Their influence starts on the subject's Birthday rather than January 1st like the Personal Year does.

Year Age First
1953 0 B=2 A=1 K=2 5
54 1 B=2 N=5 K=2 9
55 2 A=1 N=5 E=5 11
56 3 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
57 4 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
58 5 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
59 6 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
60 7 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
61 8 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
62 9 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
63 10 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
64 11 R=9 A=1 L=3 13/4
65 12 B=2 N=5 L=3 10/1
66 13 B=2 N=5 Y=3 10/1
67 14 A=1 N=5 Y=3 9
68 15 R=9 N=5 Y=3 17/8
69 16 R=9 N=5 Y=3 17/8
70 17 R=9 N=5 Y=3 17/8
71 18 R=9 N=5 Y=3 17/8
72 19 R=9 N=5 Y=3 17/8
73 20 R=9 N=5 K=2 16/7
74 21 R=9 N=5 K=2 16/7
75 22 R=9 A=1 E=5 15/6
76 23 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
77 24 A=1 N=5 E=5 11
78 25 B=2 N=5 E=5 12/3
79 26 B=2 N=5 E=5 12/3
80 27 A=1 N=5 L=3 9
81 28 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
82 29 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
83 30 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
84 31 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
85 32 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
86 33 R=9 A=1 Y=7 17/8
87 34 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
88 35 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
89 36 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
90 37 B=2 N=5 Y=7 14/5
91 38 B=2 N=5 Y=7 14/5
92 39 A=1 N=5 Y=7 13/4
93 40 R=9 N=5 K=2 16/7
94 41 R=9 N=5 K=2 16/7
95 42 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
96 43 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
97 44 R=9 A=1 E=5 15/6
98 45 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
99 46 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
2000 47 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
01 48 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
02 49 B=2 N=5 L=3 10/1
03 50 B=2 N=5 L=3 10/1
04 51 A=1 N=5 L=3 9
05 52 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
06 53 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
07 54 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
08 55 R=9 A=1 Y=7 17/8
09 56 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
10 57 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
11 58 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
12 59 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
13 60 R=9 N=5 K=2 16/7
14 61 A=1 N=5 K=2 8
15 62 B=2 N=5 E=5 12/3
16 63 B=2 N=5 E=5 12/3
17 64 A=1 N=5 E=5 11
18 65 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
19 66 R=9 A=1 E=5 15/6
20 67 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
21 68 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
22 69 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
23 70 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8

Interpreting The Transits

When interpreting the Transits and Essences, remember to examine their energy in conjunction with the Personal Year. The Personal year is covered in Numerology Lesson Fifteen. Refer to Lesson Nineteen for the Essences.

Note the Transits operating in 1999, in Barbara's example above, are R, N, and E. The same Transits were operating in the previous year. In the year 2000, the E completes and the vibration of L takes its place on November 26, of that year (Barbara's Birthday). The R continues on and completes in the year 2002, while the N carries on until November 26th of the year 2008.

Barbara was is in a 2 Personal Year in 1999. The chart above shows that Barbara began a 19/1 Essence in her 1 Personal Year and the 19/1 Essence duration is 2 years. Now let's combine the energy of initiating new ideas and developing talents (found in the 19/1 Essence) with the Transit influences of R, N, and E.

  • The R brings with it a creative and compassionate period. Ambition is highlighted but confusion can also be present. Sometimes it is hard to sort through all the options possible while sensing and feeling so much. Sometimes delays present themselves while self love is highlighted.

  • The N brings a pleasurable period with exciting events. Travel is indicated. Many changes are possible. Adaptability is enhanced and will bring opportunities. The finances can fluctuate but usually arrive at the right time. A progressive attitude can help lighten responsibilities and attract help in ways not previously thought of.

  • The E brings added freedom and possibly exciting changes. Opportunities for meeting new and interesting people may appear. Opportunity to travel or become involved in a more global approach to life is present. Sometimes this can be an eccentric period of life.

We notice that both the N and the E are 5 energies. This may add a restless quality to Barbara. Sometimes she may find it hard to finish what she has begun. She may even change ideas more frequently than usual. Because she is in a Karmic Essence of a 19/1, she may challenge herself to openly surrender and develop individual talents and interests more fully than in other times of her life. The activity in her Transits may expose her to the world in vaster ways assisting her in attracting opportunity.


Whenever we have a repeated energy, or the same letter appearing as an active Transit more than once, it can attract over or under balanced energy. In addition, when the same numerical vibration is active as a Transit more than once, as illustrated by the N and E in Barbara's chart, out of balance energies may occur. The excessive energy can always be directed by practicing awareness.

Transit Highlights

A (1 year):

Change, new starts, beginnings. A change of direction in the career, or a change in home. Creative projects begin.


An overactive energy is present. Pay attention or opportunities may be missed.

B (2 years):

A slower pace is indicated. Teamwork, partnerships or love interests are favored. High sensitivity is possible. Time to balance health.


Emotions could be extreme at times. A good time to learn how to center and balance.

C (3 years):

Creativity is enhanced. Social activities are highlighted. Domestic life could become stressed. A time to learn how to enjoy but restlessness could result.


May desire to play too much with little accomplishment or become extremely restless.

D (4 years):

Opportunities to organize and take responsibility for one's own life. A practical, hard working period. Rest is needed.


Can become a workaholic. Life can seem limiting. There is a challenge to free oneself from limiting beliefs or restrictions.

E (5 years):

Freedom is sought. Time of exciting changes and meeting new people. Opportunity to travel and possible new or renewed love interests. Can also be an eccentric period.


May change ideas and interests too often and not yield results from application of efforts.

F (6 years):

Responsibilities are taken on. A good financial period. Domestic matters become important. Romantic interests are highlighted.


Can become overburdened with responsibilities.

G (7 years):

Solitude needed at times. Tendency towards secrecy. Finances may be good. Excellent period for study and research.


Spending too much time alone could alienate others or create a desire to withdraw from the world.

H (8 years):

Good period for business expansion. Financial trend is upwards. Can try too hard. Can establish independence.


May become overambitious and encounter resulting consequences.

I (9 years):

An emotional period. Sensitivity and nervousness are heightened. Sometimes delays prevail. May be a time of highs and lows. Creative opportunities present themselves.


May have difficulty in getting things started because of so many distractions.

J (1 year):

A change of some sort on the horizon. Financial prospects are good. Indecisive at times.


Over activity and distraction may lead to confusion.

K (2 years):

A spiritually inspiring period. Partnerships are enhanced. Time to balance health. May attract situations needing mediation.


An emotionally sensitive time.

L (3 years):

Many new friends and social events. Good time for creative purposes. Be careful not to waste opportunities by scattering energies.


Over indulging in pleasure can be enticing.

M (4 years):

A practical and realistic time. Desire to work hard. Finances improve slowly. Energy levels may seem a little low at times.


May have tendency to over work. Need to get enough rest.

N (5 years):

Pleasurable period with exciting events. Travel indicated. Many changes possible. Adaptability enhanced. Finances may fluctuate but appear when needed.


May feel extreme restlessness.

O (6 years):

Good period for study. Domestic responsibilities accepted. Finances improve. A calm, sure period.


Can become emotionally drained by the problems of others.

P (7 years):

Intellectual activities enhanced. Time spent alone is needed. Good business vibration if precautions taken.


Desire to isolate from the world.

Q (8 years):

Good time for Finances to improve. Unusual business ventures favored. Eccentric time. Tactful communication is important to maintain understanding.


May be judged as over-eccentric by others.

R (9 years):

A creative and compassionate period. Ambitions are highlighted. Much confusion and emotion present. May be delays at times.


Closure to many events and delays are possible. Sometimes a difficult period leading to deeper understanding of self.

S (1 year):

Circumstances may change. Often surprises appear. May feel over emotional at times. An active and ambitious period.


Situations may regress or revert needing more thought and attention.

T (2 years):

Possible change of home. Partnerships are likely to prosper. Important to take care of health matters. May feel more sensitive and aware than usual. Intuition is present.


May feel more tension than usual.

U (3 years):

This is a creative time. Enjoyable experiences associated with groups. Pay attention to finances. Confidence may need boosting from time to time.


May be a very confusing period.

V (4 years):

May progress with an important practical venture. Personal power is highlighted in this period. Possibility for outstanding achievement combined with hard work.


Plans may be too ambitious to be carried out. Take caution or can become overworked.

W (5 years):

Many changes are possible. An adventurous and impulsive period. Travel likely. Interests are varied and may change quickly and often.


Tendency to scatter energy over many interests may occur.

X (6 years):

Home life is enhanced. An unusual period in some ways. Public recognition is possible. Romantic and love interests highlighted.


May feel a need to support others needs before individual needs are met.

Y (7 years):

A need is present  to choose a direction. Solitude desired to sort life decisions. Spiritual awareness gained after confusion.


May vacillate with mental confusion feeling unable to take positive action.

Z (8 years):

Fine financial prospects may reveal themselves. Business ability enhanced. May be attracted to the unusual or esoteric subjects. Domestic matters may lack attention.


May find domestic situations a bit stressed.

Numerology Home Play

  1. Get your pen and pad out and refer back to the names with which you have previously been working.

  2. Refer back to the Transit and Essence Chart you created in the last lesson to determine the active Transits.

  3. Translate the definition of the Transit and then combine it with the Essence and the Personal Year.

  4. Now combine these energies with the Current Pinnacle and Challenge.

To print additional blank Transit and Essence Charts, go to Numerology Lesson Nineteen for the link, print the chart, and then return here.

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