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Numerology Lesson 12 - The First Name and Karmic Numbers

In Numerology Lesson Eleven we discussed the Key Elements found in the Intensification of Numbers Table. This lesson's topic includes The Karmic Numbers, The First Name, The Growth Number, and The First Letter and First Vowel. Let's begin by examining some keys that are revealed in the First Name. After that we'll discuss the benefits of understanding what Karmic Numbers are and how they impact us.

The First Name

We often hear our First Name called out loud as people address us. It is no wonder that the name which casually represents us holds within it special qualities. Our First Name is a repeated vibration--a mantra in a sense--that declares an intention each time it is voiced. So what makes the First Name stand out from the whole name? All of us have a First Name. Many of us have at least one Middle Name or a Middle Initial. Most of us also have a Last Name. But our First Name, our "personal name", is frequently used to identify us in day to day life. It is as essential to the relationship we have with ourselves as it is with the way we connect to other people. Its tone is declared over and over again.

In describing the relationship of our First, Middle, and Last Names in numerology, we could say that the First Name represents our personal self. It also sets us apart from other members of our family. It holds within it a Growth Number, a vibration that supports us in a deep expression of our individual nature (more on that in just a moment). Often we see evidence of this energy in our private lives.

Our Middle Name supports and reinforces our identity. It is thought to be more hidden within the self. Our Last Name carries within it the collective vibration of our family. Its numerical sum represents our family traits, inherited qualities, and what you might call our "family makeup". It also represents our more formal nature.

Using our example of Barbara Ann Kelly, let's take a look at her First Name again. What information can we find here? In Numerology Lesson 2 we spent some time calculating and interpreting the components of a First Name. In Numerology Lesson 3 we examined the vowels and consonants of her First Name as well. You may want to go back and review these two lessons to refresh your memory. In this lesson we go one step further and describe three other elements that are found within the First Name.

First Name Chart

B 2 2 = First Consonant
A 1 1 = First Vowel
R 9
B 2
A 1
R 9
A 1
Total 25
Digit Down 2 + 5 = 7 7 = Growth Number

The Growth Number

By adding the First Name together and reducing it to a final digit we find the Growth Number. It is a significant Key Element but isn't felt as intensely as a Core Element is. The Growth Number adds energy to the core and denotes a pattern that assists us in growth and development. Therefore, we could say that it could be used as a tool to help us on our journey.

In the name Barbara, we notice that her Growth Number is a 7. This means that when Barbara embraces the qualities of the 7 throughout her experiences, it helps her grow and develop. Analysis, investigation, and understanding are all tools found within her Growth Number. It would make sense that her abilities to teach and learn would be strong as well as her need for solitude at times.

It is delightful that her Growth Number is also her Heart's Desire. This gives us a hint that she created the 7 as her Growth Number to attain a greater sense of her heart! It is always helpful when the Growth Number is the same as one of the Core Elements. A person is more apt to use the vital energies found in the Growth Number to bring about balanced experiences and promote development. When the core is void of the same energy found in the Growth Number, it is much more difficult to benefit from the Growth Number's nature. We feel if the latter is the case, there is a perfect reason and life's experiences will reveal a way to eventually discover and learn from the Growth Number's contribution.

The First Letter and First Vowel

The First Letter and First Vowel found in the First Name are also Key Elements. These two vibrations contribute energy in a special way. Some Numerologists feel that these two letters describe our "reactions and responses". Usually a First Name begins with a consonant. Because the consonants are a component of the Personality vibration, we feel that the First Letter could give us some clues to how we may respond to the outer world (sometimes referred to as the "material world"). We feel the First Vowel can provide insight into how we might respond to our dreams and motivations, our more spiritual or non-material world. In cases where the first letter is also a vowel, use the First Letter to represent both vibrations.

Examining the First Name Barbara, the B is her first letter and also a consonant. A B holds the vibration of a 2. This would tell us that Barbara may initially respond to the outer world in courteous kind ways seeking friendship and balance. Her responses to experiences in the outer world may be to first quietly think a matter through.

The First Vowel in her name is an A. Here we find that Barbara would feel more confident in areas that are of a more personal nature. She may be less reserved in her home and family life. The A holds the vibration of a 1 and depicts courage and leadership. Also, it tells us that Barbara may be harder on herself than she would be towards others.

Karmic Numbers

There is a theory in Numerology that a few numbers bring qualities along with them that suggest karmic, or unfinished, business. It may be that we choose to create lessons in these areas to round out our natures. Another possibility is that we want to develop qualities that were somewhat void in the past. Either way, Karmic Numbers can feel a bit more challenging than others. If you have a Karmic Number as one of your Core Elements, you may experience the number as over-balanced or under-balanced before experiencing a fully balanced and accessible energy.

Look for these Karmic Numbers in your Core Elements. Reflect on the area of your life that the Core Element represents and note where you may find confusion from the Karmic Number that is present there. For accuracy, remember that the numbers 11 and 22 are Master Numbers and stand on their own. Always add an 11 as an 11 rather than a 2 and a 22 as 22 rather than a 4. This makes a difference in determining if you have a Karmic Number or not.

Karmic Number 19/1

When reducing the numbers to a final digit, if you find a 19 before a 1 you have a Karmic Number. A 19/1 carries in it lessons about self-definition and self-motivated thought. Because a 1 carries within it an energy that is self-directed, an individual with a 19/1 learns how to consider outside energies rather than just individual needs. Independence, adventure, initiative, originality, determination, individuality, and direction are all traits held within the 1. When these traits are not balanced (over or under) they can bring about indulgence, opinionated thought, and aggressiveness. Because human nature, for the most part, learns through contrast (continually experiencing the pain of co-creating and living with what we don't truly want), eventually a balanced nature is quite possible.

Karmic Number 13/4

When reducing the numbers to a final digit, if you find a 13 before a 4 you have a Karmic Number. A 13/4 is still a 4 but with a focus on learning and accepting the qualities the 4 represents. Often there is a feeling of restriction and limitation. As discussed in Lesson One, the 4 represents concentration, management, application, conservation, dedication, efficiency, and organization. You can imagine how productive one's life could be when applying skills in these areas. However, when a person comes in with a 13/4, they will be learning how to bring these energies into harmony, therefore manifesting the qualities they represent to a greater height. By doing so, restrictive beliefs can be transformed.

Karmic Number 14/5

When reducing the numbers to a final digit, if you find a 14 before a 5 you have a Karmic Number. A 14/5 is still a 5 but with a focus on learning about progress, freedom, and flexibility. In previous experiences the 5 probably wasn't fully understood or utilized. Therefore a person may feel restless, easily distracted, and find it hard to follow through. Their first life experiences may result in the under-balanced and over-balanced traits previously mentioned above as well as impulsiveness and indulgence. Because life brings many opportunities, this life's experiences will bring situations to learn how to apply the energies in beneficial ways.

Karmic Number 16/7

With the Karmic Number of a 16/7 you often find a person who has difficulty in relationships. They sometimes feel isolated and alone, which can create confusion in love relationships. Because they are more introspective than the 1, they may be less self-directed in some ways but may be more resentful or detached. Of course when a 16/7 learns how to heal it's beliefs around separation and uses its fine abilities to gain deeper spiritual understanding, the 16/7 energies can be redirected into a balanced state. In this way the person can begin to create relationships where self-love is a supportive trait rather than feeling that they are selfish or being misunderstood.

Numerology Home Play

  1. Get your pen and pad out and refer back to the names with which you have previously been working.

  2. Calculate the First Name to find the Growth Number, First Letter, and First Vowel.

  3. For each name, note the Growth Number and apply it to the person's growth and development

  4. Note the First Letter and apply it to possible responses and reactions in the public world.

  5. Note the First Vowel and how it may impact a person's responses and reactions in the more personal areas of their life.

  6. Lastly, go back through your charts and recheck your addition. Make sure Master Numbers have been added correctly. Note where a Karmic Number exists in relationship to Core Elements. Interpret how this may impact the person.

Next Numerology Lesson

In Numerology Lesson Thirteen we will cover "The Habit Challenge". Have you ever felt like you have a habit or repeated pattern that is so innate that it is hard to identify? Your Habit Challenge may shed some light on this subject. So stay tuned to learn more how the numbers in your name can empower your life.

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