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Numerology Lesson 11 - The Intensification of Numbers

This Numerology lesson details the averages of numbers found within a name. The Intensification of Numbers can point to areas where we can learn more about ourselves. Knowing this information can help us round out our natures. It can also help us gain a greater sense of self-definition, point us to areas where we can grow, and help us develop inner strengths.

We feel that a person's individual nature can not be separated from the whole. We are one collective, so to speak, of human beings. Let's once again use the metaphor of music. Each of us has our own set of individual tones (numbers). When we combine each tone together, we can hear our personal song (all of our numbers blended into a whole). In the same way, we can combine each individual person's song and come up with one universal song which reflects the entire collective of human beings. Imagining this metaphor will help you understand the Intensification of Numbers.

As we examine the collective human race, we find that certain tones (numbers) are more expressed than others. Subsequently, other tones or numbers make up less of the whole. We'll be using the word "average" to express this concept.

It is also possible to see where we may have a 'Hidden Passion' or possible 'Karmic Lesson.' As the excessive numbers often reveal a deep seated passion, and the missing numbers can point to a Karmic Lesson.

The General Rules

The following illustrates averages of the numbers 1 - 9 found within a name. The numbers 1, 5 and 9 are found most often. Here's a summary of each number as expressed collectively:

1 - We all have free will and initiative to create our place within the world. This has given us initiative to grow and expand as a race of beings as well as individuals.
5 - We have a strong desire for freedom and are curious about what is new and innovative. Through the 5 we progress, develop, and expand our sense of possibility.
9 - We are resilient even when life brings us difficulties or tragedy. We move into our hearts to help, love, and forgive.

The numbers 2, 3, and 4 are usually only found once within a name.

Sometimes the 3 will be repeated because of the desire for creativity and self-expression.
Because these three vibrations usually only appear once, they are doubled in force if found more than once.

The number 7 may be missing.

In the collective of human nature, the discrimination, analysis, and perfection that a 7 carries is not as frequent as the numbers listed above.
In many names the 7 may not even be represented. Because of averages, if the 7 is missing it is not significant.
If a 7 does occur, it gives a desire to prove, reason, and understand the motives that are behind any event.

The number 8 may also be missing.

It is common for a successful person to lack this number.
If it appears once you will know this person can work under stressful situations.
If there are too many 8's, the person may put themselves through a lot of pressure, mental challenge, and possibly achieve great attainments because of the incredible effort.

Benefits of Understanding Intensification

The Intensification of Numbers within the name are felt deep within the character. They may not show on the surface as the Core Numbers do. However, it is useful to understand these energies since they help us gain insight in several ways:

  1. They help us to understand why we may repeat patterns.

  2. They point to areas where we may feel an inner void, or have a karmic lesson.

  3. They point to areas where we may lack experience or development from previous lives.

  4. They may show us why we rely on certain skills.

  5. They may show us where we obsess or perhaps where we have a hidden passion eager for more room to express.

Number Average Chart

The following chart shows what usually occurs in a name:






Usually occurs three or four times three or four
2 BKT Usually occurs once one
3 CLU Usually occurs once one
4 DMV Usually occurs once one
5 ENW Usually occurs three or four times three or four
6 FOX Usually occurs once one
7 GPY May be missing zero
8 HQZ Usually occurs once or be missing zero or one
9 IR Usually occurs three times three

How to Fill Out the Chart

We have prepared a blank chart that you can print out that will make it easy for you to create your own Intensification of Numbers chart like the one below. Please click here to go to that page and print out the blank chart. Hopefully you have a printer available. If not, just reproduce it on a piece of paper. Then return back to this spot to continue your learning.

Here are the steps:

  1. In the first row, write down on the chart the first, middle, and last name of the person whose chart you are calculating.

  2. In the next row, look up and write down the number that corresponds to each letter in the first, middle, and last names.

  3. In the "Core" column, write "Yes" in front of any number that is also one of the Core Numbers and place it's abbreviation after the "Yes". Here's the legend of abbreviations:
LP - Life Path LP - Life Path (Birth Day is included in the Birth Force)
E - Expression E - Expression
HD - Heart's Desire HD - Heart's Desire
P - Personality P - Personality
  1. In the  "+ or -" column, place a plus or minus sign after the numbers where there is a difference from the averages. Use a plus for more and a minus for less.

  2. Now note the relationship with the average. For example, two 4's would have a greater significance than four 9's. Look for the "Key Modifier" (also called the "Intensifier" in Numerology). This is the one number that has the most excessive energy available and stands out the most in relationship to the average. You can write the word "Key" after the plus. To illustrate we highlighted the Key Modifier by color on our chart.

  3. Next, look for whatever number(s) are void. If it is any number other than 7, place a minus next to it.

  4. Note if the void number(s) are also within the Core Number. If so, the effect is lessened. If the void energy is not found as a Core Number, place the word "Key" after it as well.

Explanation of Meaning

Where excess energy exists, we will use the energy to achieve, grow, and acquire in relationship to the number. If we find areas that are void, be assured that we want to round out our character and attain life lessons in these areas. Some Numerologists feel a voided number is a karmic area or one that we may have avoided in previous lives for some reason or another. It may be that experiences were not available to us and we are now wishing to add knowledge during this life.

Learning Example

For this lesson we will again use the name Barbara Ann Kelly as our example. Follow along as we interpret the chart.


Ann Kelly
  2192191 155 25337
Core Amount + or - Number Letter Average
Yes - LP 4 1


three or four
Yes - E 3 + Key 2 BKT one
2 + 3 CLU one
Yes - P 0 - 4 DMV one
3 5 ENW three or four
0 - 6 FOX one
Yes - HD 1 + 7 GPY zero
0 8 HQZ zero or one
2 - 9 IR three

Let's start by noting which numbers are in excess (+ sign in the "+ or -" column) of the averages:

  1. 1 - She has four occurrence's of the number 1 which is slightly in excess of the low end of the three or four average. However, all of the 1's bridge to her 1 Life Path and strengthen it.

  2. 2 - She has three occurrences of the number 2 which is way above the average of one and makes 2 her Key Modifier. But just as above, this "excessive" number is her Expression and one of her Core Numbers. Therefore the 2 bridges to her 11/2 Expression and strengthens the qualities found there. What may be excessive compared to the averages is actually another strengthening force for Barbara.

  3. 3-She has two occurrences of the number 3 which is one above average. This would tell us that she would add a quality of lightness to events and surroundings within her life. This may show up as humor, or possibly a joyful nature added to her spirit.

  4. 7 - She has one occurrence of the number 7 which is higher than the average of zero. However, once again the 7 bridges to her 7 Heart's Desire and strengthens it as well.

So, three of her Core Numbers are found in excess in the Intensification of Numbers Chart but all numbers appear to be supportive. Remember, "excessive" does not mean "bad".

Now we want to look at the energies that are void. Here we see that the 4 and 6 stand out. As we mentioned in "The General Rules" above, the 8 is sometimes found as missing in a name:

  1. 4 - She has zero occurrences of the number 4 which is one below the average of one. The 4 is also one of her Core Numbers, so she has some experience with it. However, with the 4 missing in her name and it being the Personality vibration, she may have some additional lessons here. Possibly she has to learn how to apply herself in ways that would fulfill her, rather than being busy taking care of everyone else. The reason for interpreting the 4 this way is that the zero (void of energy) points us to lessons about application and duty. Because the 4 is a Core Number and is placed on her Personality, it relates to how others see her and how they may try to direct her.

  2. 6 - She has zero occurrences of the number 6 which is one below the average of one. It's possible that Barbara may attract opportunities to help her learn how to balance responsibility. She may have the challenge of taking on too much responsibility for others or becoming confused about taking action on her own behalf. The 6 also points to creativity, relationships, and humanitarian endeavors. So she may have some added lessons in these areas.

  3. 8 - The 8 is borderline and often does not occur within a person's name. Therefore, we have not included it in our interpretation.

We feel that the intensification modifiers are really a lot like road signs. Unlike the Core Numbers that make up our nature, the intensification modifiers point us to areas that we know will be examined throughout our life as lessons. Whether in excess or void we are pointed in the direction of improving the qualities of our nature.

Numerology Home Play

  1. Get your pen and pad out and refer back to the names with which you have previously been working.

  2. Use the blank Intensification of Numbers Chart you printed or created and follow the seven steps detailed above in "How to Fill Out the Chart".

  3. Note which numbers are in excess of the averages.

  4. Note which numbers are void.

  5. Note the single Key Modifier for the excess energy and what lessons may be encountered by its presence.

  6. Note the numbers that are void and what lessons may be encountered by the lack of their presence. Remember to notice the relationship with the Core Numbers.

Next Numerology Lesson

In Numerology Lesson Twelve we will discuss a couple of different topics. First we will reveal information found in our first name. In addition, we want to share information about Karmic Numbers and how they effect us. Some numerologists feel certain numbers are more difficult to experience than others. Therefore, you may have some karmic lessons that you don't know about.

Click here for Lesson Twelve: The First Name and Karmic Numbers


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