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Numerology Lesson 16 - The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles are Key Cyclic Vibrations and represent four major cycles of life. In this Numerology lesson we discuss these four main periods of experience and show you how to calculate them as well as interpret them. The Pinnacles are essentially road maps of experience. They give us an outlet to experience our Core Aspects from the beginning of our life to the time we depart.

By paying attention to the Pinnacles, you receive direction and the benefit of added clarity. The Pinnacles are a cyclic energy that wants to deepen your life's experiences. Each Pinnacle represents a period of development and is accurate in its timing. It is assists you in cultivating fulfillment and your life's destiny and purpose.

The Pinnacles are based on nine year cycles. Refer back to Numerology Lesson Fifteen. Recall the Personal Years (1 - 9) that make up a complete cycle. It takes a cycle of seven to gain insight and it takes a full nine year cycle to create fulfillment. An example of this is the time it takes to bring a baby in the womb to maturity. This is why Numerology bases its cycles on nine. Fulfillment is present when energy is fully experienced and embraced.


First Pinnacle:

We find that the energy present in the First Pinnacle develops your character. It is there for very personal reasons. This is a time when we develop our egos and define our sense of self. You might call this the springtime of life. In latter years we often hold onto the beliefs created during this time period.

Second Pinnacle:

The Second Pinnacle represents the summer of life. The energy found in this pinnacle influences our relationships with our family members and the way we direct responsibility where others are involved. This Pinnacle represents a productive time of life and prepares us for our next Pinnacle.

Third Pinnacle:

In the Third Pinnacle, also known as "middle age", we mature and enter the autumn cycle of life. This period can be a wonderfully productive time of life and our Maturity Number often begins to make sense. We usually broaden our experiences to include a more global awareness as well.

Fourth Pinnacle:

In the Fourth Pinnacle, or the winter cycle, we embrace deeper fulfillment as we expand our awareness to include a broader definition of spiritual understanding. This is an integrative time of life. The last Pinnacle wants to bring rewards and opportunities to use the knowledge gained through our life's experience.

The Pinnacles connect you to a well-defined road map which illuminates your individual life rhythm. Consider the Pinnacles a step by step developmental experience that can show you how to connect the dots of your life experiences. During the first Pinnacle of experience, it's often hard to imagine the future.  Much later, when a person enters their Fourth Pinnacle, it is easy to look back and see why the Pinnacles exist in their particular pattern.

Calculating the Pinnacles

The Pinnacles are found within the full date of birth. Use addition to calculate the four individual Pinnacles.

  • The First Pinnacle equals the sum of the digits of the month and day of birth.

  • The Second Pinnacle equals the sum of the digits of the day of birth and year of birth.

  • The Third Pinnacle equals the addition of these two numbers.

  • The Fourth Pinnacle equals the addition of the digits found in the month and year.

Pinnacle Chart

Using Barbara's date of birth as our example:


26th 1953

11/2 Master No.

2 + 6 = 8 1 + 9 + 5 + 3 = 18



1 + 8 = 9

11 + 8 + 9 = 1 Life Path

The Month and Day = The First Pinnacle

11/2 (Month) + 8 (Day) = 19
1 + 9 = 10
1 + 0 = 1 First Pinnacle

The Day and Year = The Second Pinnacle

26/8 (Day) + 1953/18/9 (Year) = 17
1 + 7 = 8 Second Pinnacle

Add the numbers of the first two Pinnacles together =  The Third Pinnacle

1 (First Pinnacle) + 8 (Second Pinnacle) = 9 Third Pinnacle

Add the Month and Year = The Fourth Pinnacle

11/2 (Month) + 1953/18/9 (Year) = 20

2 + 0 = 2 Fourth Pinnacle

Timing of the Pinnacles

To calculate the timing of the Pinnacles, begin with the number 36 (which is 4 times 9).

  • Subtract the digit of the Life Path from 36:

    This is very important for your calculations to be correct. This gives you the timing of when the first Pinnacle's influence is present. It also gives you the timing of the age when its influence ends.

  • Next add 9 years to this age:

    The time the First Pinnacle ends. This is the period of time the Second Pinnacle will influence the life.

  • Continue by adding 9 to the age when the Second Pinnacle ends:

    These next nine years are the Third Pinnacle of experience.

  • Again, add 9 years to the age when the Third Pinnacle ends:

    You will find when the Fourth Pinnacle will begin and continue till the end of the individual's life.

Age Chart for Pinnacle Timing

Life Path Number First Pinnacle  Second Pinnacle Third Pinnacle Fourth Pinnacle
9 0-27 28-36 37-45 46 on
8 0-28 29-37 38-46 47 on
7 0-29 30-38 39-47 48 on
6 0-30 31-39 40-48 49 on
5 0-31 32-40 41-49 50 on
4 0-32 33-41 42-50 51 on
3 0-33 34-42 43-51 52 on
2 0-34 35-43 44-52 53 on
1 0-35 36-44 45-53 54 on

With the Age Chart for Pinnacle Timing we determine in the Year of 1999 that Barbara is in her Third Pinnacle. Referring back to Numerology Lesson Fifteen we note that she is also in a 2 Personal Year. Her Third Pinnacle is also a 9 vibration. This means that she is directed in her 2 Personal Year by the influence of a 9 Pinnacle.

A 9 Pinnacle brings with it a desire to gain universal knowledge along with an interest in humankind. This is much easier to do when in a latter Pinnacle than when experiencing this vibration in as a First Pinnacle. During the next seven years--because Barbara is in a 2 year--her talents will probably want more expression. She may pursue creative hobbies as well as non-conforming lines of work. Relationships want to deepen and embrace compassion and understanding. This is a cycle that also brings closures of many kinds because it is a Pinnacle that asks a person to live by higher truths.

Since Barbara is only in her second (2) Personal Year of this nine year cycle, she is just beginning to get a feeling for what this cycle is all about. In her 1 Personal Year she knew changes were ahead and she began to prepare for them. This year changes are quietly underway as she develops her ideas and applies herself.

A 9 Pinnacle brings inspiration to live by higher ideals. Often it is a very rewarding time as well as a time of deepening. Self care is a focus because as we develop compassion, forgiveness and understanding for ourselves, we can also support others more fully.


When applying the energy available from the number represented in a Pinnacle, keep in mind if it is a beginning Pinnacle. When applying the energy to a First Pinnacle, often the experience is about balancing the energy available. In a first Pinnacle, experiences are more related to discovering what the energy is about. In other words, the energy of a 7 as a first Pinnacle--if we personify the number in human terms--wouldn't present itself as a "master educator" or "practiced intuitive". Most likely the energy would be a catalyst to develop and trust intuition.

To provide another example, a 5 for a first Pinnacle would probably create many changes in environment and promote unsettled conditions. A 5 as a Fourth Pinnacle might attract world travel and bring contribution through public speaking or areas of global influence. It's important to match the energy of the Pinnacle to the appropriate time the Pinnacle represents.

Pinnacle Interpretations

Apply the vibration within the numbers as learned in Numerology Lesson One to each Pinnacle and its significant vibration. As you create your interpretations, keep in mind how each of the energies represented in each Pinnacle work together to create a road map of experience.

1 Pinnacle:

The individuality, leadership, and courage represented in the 1 applied to a Pinnacle encourages the individual to stand up on their own. It asks the individual to use their own wit, mind, and actions to direct their life. Often in a First Pinnacle this is a little difficult for they may not feel fully prepared to do so. The reasoning behind the presence of this vibration as a First Pinnacle may be to develop strength of character that will benefit them later in life. As a Fourth Pinnacle, opportunity may be present to be outstanding in an area of undertaking and demonstrate leadership. Another possibility is that this could create more personal direction than would be available in other periods of life.

2 Pinnacle:

During a Two Pinnacle mediation, diplomacy, and sensitivity are present. Working as a team member and cultivating balanced relationships is important. It is not a period for independence. It cultivates the ability to get along with others using the energies present within a 2 vibration. As a First Pinnacle, a child may seem oversensitive and lacking in confidence. A parent can assist the child by working with them to build confidence and by helping them to develop their talents and abilities. As a Fourth Pinnacle, quiet pursuits and pleasant surroundings are possible. In addition, there are opportunities that include cultural and public considerations.

3 Pinnacle:

A delightful Pinnacle to pursue creative directions filled with inspiration and expression. This Pinnacle is one of the easiest Pinnacles because it isn't as physically demanding as many of the others. Enjoyment is a focus as well as pleasure. Joy is prevalent. For a First Pinnacle, it can lead to scattered energies, vacillation, and exaggeration until the individual develops greater self-definition and learns how to channel their abilities. A parent can support a child by encouraging expression and creativity. This helps build confidence and encourages direction. As a latter Pinnacle, you might be delighted to know that hard work is not the focus. Usually this Pinnacle attracts money to support the inspirational directions that are possible while its influence is present.

4 Pinnacle:

A Four Pinnacle is a time of accomplishment and building a foundation to rely on in the future. At times it may feel restrictive because there is a need to remain focused and accomplish a mission. The nature of this Pinnacle is very concrete since it uses all of the energies available in the 4 vibration. Usually hard work shows benefit because much is accomplished and put into form during this time. As a First Pinnacle, a serious and practical nature will flavor ideas. It is possible that responsibilities will run high. If this Pinnacle is the Fourth, rewards will come through the contribution of effort to a worthy cause or even development of a hobby or skill. There is still more to do!

5 Pinnacle:

A Five Pinnacle creates public contact and represents unexpected activities. Often there is much freedom to move about and be a part of worldly undertakings. Usually this is not a time to stay home because the world desires your participation. It is progressive and adventuresome in nature, requiring flexibility. As a First Pinnacle, it is often difficult to focus on a direction because so many interests and ideas may seem stimulating and exciting. A parent can support a child by helping them learn how to finish tasks and teaching them the benefits of direction without stifling their many interests. As a Fourth Pinnacle, new lines of work or public undertakings can lead to great accomplishments. Experience is a great teacher and helping others to understand their experiences could be a highlight if this Pinnacle is present in the latter years.

6 Pinnacle:

During a Six Pinnacle humanitarian service flavors ones experiences. This is a time where responsibility to others is the driving force. Lines of work could include public service, healing, and even creativity. Anything that sooths and benefits humankind. Often there is a strong desire to create a family and share love. In a First Pinnacle an individual could feel a strong urge to marry at a young age. Often there is a need to feel deep connection and a desire to act out the energies held within the 6 in a family and home. Later on these same energies can broaden and benefit humankind in ways that contribute through humanitarian service. In the Fourth Pinnacle, friends and family are always present and old age brings comfort through loved ones.

7 Pinnacle:

During a Seven Pinnacle an individual will be asked to get in touch with their individuality. This is a time of soul development. Often the seeking of spiritual direction, deepening of intuitive ability, and self definition are important for cultivating a deeper experience of human intention. Spending time alone can be very important. A person with a Seven Pinnacle often contributes knowledge through research and perfection. If a young child experiences a 7 as a First Pinnacle, they may seem somewhat detached and may be considered "gifted". A parent can help them by making sure education is provided and by supporting them to feel like they fit into the world. As a Fourth Pinnacle an individual may decide to teach others the knowledge that is available through understanding the connection of body, mind, and spirit.

8 Pinnacle:

An Eight Pinnacle is a time to manifest material attainments. This can include business responsibility as well as managing professional affairs. Recognition is possible through steady repeated effort. Sound judgment comes in handy as well as understanding the needs of people. Even though this vibration has its place in the material world, the spiritual world wants to be incorporated. As a child experiences an 8 for a First Pinnacle, expect them to be ambitious and have a taste for the finer things in life. Usually they start working at a young age and are eager for responsibility. When experienced as a latter Pinnacle, management of property, money, and possessions will still require sound judgment. Status and recognition are also possible.

9 Pinnacle:

The Nine Pinnacle fills life with beauty, art, and creative inspiration. Universal knowledge and understanding flavors this Pinnacle. Often philanthropy fills the heart of the individual experiencing this cycle. Unless the individual has developed experiences creating a compassionate and forgiving nature, this Pinnacle may bring many ups and downs to help them attain a deeper universal understanding. There is somewhat of an unconventional nature present with this vibration. As a First Pinnacle, the individual usually learns through their life experiences and they often leave something behind so they can move forward with greater knowledge. Their talents want to be cultivated during the presence of this Pinnacle since a 9 embraces all experience. During any Pinnacle, and especially as a Fourth Pinnacle, money, wealth, love, and recognition are all possible for those who follow their heart.

11 Pinnacle:

Refer back to the Two Pinnacle. Usually when an Eleven Pinnacle is present it will be experienced as a Two Pinnacle. If experienced as an Eleven Pinnacle, the person will gain through experiences of faith and spiritual connection. Interests and activities that require spiritual practice will be prominent. You may find other Master Numbers in their overall chart.

22 Pinnacle:

This Pinnacle is quite rare to experience in its full potential. Usually the individual will experience this Pinnacle as a Four Pinnacle, especially if this is their First Pinnacle. If they are able to hold the vibration of a Twenty-Two Pinnacle--through the nine year cycle-- they will continually work to attain a goal that is very vast in its nature. Their vision wants to touch many lives and they are usually channeling a "collective intention". It may even take them a lifetime to achieve this type of goal as other Pinnacles will be set in motion to support this achievement. 

Numerology Home Play

  1. Get your pen and pad out and refer back to the names with which you have previously been working.

  2. Refer back to the Birth Force calculations in Numerology Lesson Four to identify the birth dates of each individual.

  3. Refer back to the number chart in Numerology Lesson One to identify the energies that each number represents along with the explanations given in this lesson.

  4. Figure out the four main Pinnacles for each person.

  5. Note if any of their Pinnacles correspond to any of their Core Aspects.

  6. Note the Personal Year that they are currently in within the Pinnacle's nine year cycle. Play with synthesizing the energies of the Personal Year with the nine year cycle of the Pinnacle.

  7. Lastly, examine the other Pinnacles and note how they combine to create a life road map.

Next Numerology Lesson

Coinciding with the Pinnacles are Key Cyclic Vibrations called Challenges. Life would be dull without incentives and the Challenges help us strengthen our weaknesses. They are actually an impetus to success. In Numerology Lesson Seventeen you will learn the secrets within your Key Cyclic Challenges. Once the Challenges are embraced and become a living practice, victory and success is assured.

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