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Numerology Lesson Seven  - The Heart's Desire

This lesson is devoted to the vibration held within the vowels of your name. We call this component of our core vibration "The Heart's Desire". By understanding what lies within this vibration, you will gain a deeper connection to the part of yourself that holds passion and desire. You will feel your greatest motivations. In addition, you will notice the qualities you may find in your mate. This is because the Heart's Desire connects you to that which is most dear to your heart.

Through the years of interpreting numerology, we feel that it is very important to understand  the intention of the Heart's Desire. Because of the emphasis on logic in our culture, the Heart's Desire often becomes the part of us that we pay the least attention. By suppressing this part of ourselves, we often spend a lifetime doing things to just get by without knowing what we really want and what is truly passionate for us. It is as if we will do anything but pay attention to the direction which the Heart's Desire points. Understand that within this core part lies the key to directing our purpose and success.

Imagine having a parent that understands your deepest dreams and supports you in directing that energy! It could save you much time and effort searching for happiness. It is never too  late, so let's begin to unravel the mysteries held within this vibration. As you interpret your Heart's Desire, remember that within this vibration lies a seed yearning for expression. It is what you must feel, honor, and embrace in directing your other core parts!

In Numerology Lesson Six we looked at the example name of 'Barbara Anne Kelly' and found that her Expression was an 11/2. This week we examine her name in more detail by focusing on only the vowels within of her name. This method will point us to the insights found within the Heart's Desire.

Always use the vowels A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y (if there are no other vowels in the syllable). It wasn't until recently that we began to use the Y at all. It seems that people are entering a new vibration and level of awareness. Because the vowels are a harmonic vibration, it seems the Y is part of the celestial tone that is now more present on Earth. Everyone is different, so try it both ways: with and without the Y. Sense which one seems the most accurate to you. We have found that there is no absolute rule here. In some case the W can act as a vowel as well but isn't used in the Heart's Desire. Perhaps it will also be included within the Heart's Desire in the near future! We feel that our alphabet may adapt new letter(s) to represent the new vibrations coming into the Earth plane. Now that is a thought to ponder!

Let's refer back to the name Barbara Ann Kelly as we used in our previous Numerology lesson:

3 + 1 + 3 = 7 Heart's Desire
3 1 12/3 = 3
1 1 1 1 5 7
2 1 9 2 1 9 1 1 5 5 2 5 3 3 7

Here we have a 7 for a Heart's Desire by also using the Y in her name. By not using the Y as a vowel, her Heart's Desire would be a 9. For today's illustration we are going to go ahead and use the Y. We encourage you to evaluate both and sense which one feels appropriate.

Barbara's motivations hold within them a desire to understand as well as an appreciation for being understood. She loves to learn as knowledge provides her ways to express and connect. She needs solitude within her day and time to work on her own. This assists her in attaining knowledge and will help her extend out into the world where she can fulfill the opportunities and destiny that awaits her. She desires perfection in what she does and, because of this, she could sometimes become critical of herself and others.

Remember that all numbers can be expressed as balanced, under-balanced, or over-balanced. As we learn how to connect with the vibration within a number and embrace it--rather than pushing the vibration away--we begin to find the key within it. Doing this will assist us in moving into a balanced state, therefore utilizing the key found within the number.

The 7 can become critical when it is out of balance. However, by asking what it is that the critical nature is pointing us to within ourselves, we will find its grand intention. Perhaps the nature just wants to be understood! Therefore, by allowing and embracing the expression, we then find the key motivation, desire, and passion. This way it is much easier to move into the balanced state. When we allow our true energies to be known and express, a balance will occur. We can utilize our discernment and creativity rather than reaction or a sense of separation.

Continuing on with the analysis of Barbara's Heart's Desire, in a relationship she would respond well to someone who supports her with her needs. A life mate that gives her space would help her sort and discern. Someone who assists her in discovery, learning, teaching, and understanding would be very nurturing to her heart and would assist her in connecting with the opportunities of her life purpose. This is someone she would grow close to and connect with deeply.

As illustrated above, you can easily see how important the Heart's Desire is in fueling our life. It is a life force energy that comes from our soul and gives us the urge to extend and express ourselves. Again, when allowed to express, it will assist us in attaining our life purpose as well as directing us to meaningful experiences and relationships.

Numerology Home Play

  1. Get your pen and pad out and refer back to the names with which you have previously been working.

  2. Calculate the the Heart's Desire number for each of these names. Refer back to the chart in Numerology Lesson Two to find the numerical value of each letter.

  3. Once you have the final addition, go back to Numerology Lesson One and refresh your memory by finding the meaning held within each number you calculate.

  4. Now for each person image or intuit how the Heart's Desire number would channel itself as a motivation, desire, or passion.

  5. Next reflect into the life of the person you are analyzing and examine where they are directing their motivations, passions, and desires. Note what seems to come easy for them. Ask yourself if they seem to be in touch with their heart.

  6. For extra credit, go back to Numerology Lesson Six and notice how they could utilize the energy within their Heart's Desire as fuel to assist in attaining the opportunities and purpose that lays within their Expression.

Next Numerology Lesson

In Numerology Lesson Eight we will discuss The Personality vibration and what meaning may lie within the consonants of your name. The Personality reveals how others may see you. Often others want to direct us into becoming more of this vibration. One of the benefits of understanding the Personality is that you will be able to see yourself through the eyes of others! Therefore, we look forward to continuing with in Numerology Lesson Eight as we reveal more about the secrets found within in your individual pattern!

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