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Numerology Lesson 19 - The Essences

In the last five Numerology lessons you've been learning about the Cyclic Vibrations. There are two types of Cyclic Vibrations:

Key Cyclic Vibrations

  1. The Pinnacles

  2. The Challenges

  3. The Life Path Periods

Personal Cyclic Vibrations

  1. The Personal Year

  2. The Essences

  3. The Transits

In this lesson, you will learn how to calculate and interpret the Essences. The vibrations found in the Essences contain directions to help you receive fulfillment in your current Personal Year. You can tap into abilities that may have gone unrecognized throughout the course of the year, by paying attention to the current Essence operating in your chart. We find the Essences are very informative. When you know what your Essence is, you are more apt to use the energies available with clarity and ease.

The Essences are derived from specific letters in your first, middle, and last name. (The system will work regardless if a person has one, two, or more than three names within their complete name.) As you've learned in this course, each letter in the alphabet has a numerical vibration. Each letter also represents a definite period of time. Unlike the other Cyclic Vibrations, the Essences and Transits are found in the letters of your name rather than your Birth Date. These time periods are called Transits as illustrated in the following chart:

Letter Length of
A J S 1 year
B K T 2 years
C L U 3 years
D M V 4 years
E N W 5 years
F O X 6 years
G P Y 7 years
H Q Z 8 years
I R   9 years

As you can see from the chart above, the numerical vibration assigned to a letter represents how many years the letter's nature will operate as an Essence. Let's use the name Ann as an example. The "A" operates for one year, the first "n" for five years, and the second "n" for five years. When the first letter completes its time, the next letter steps in. It takes eleven years to fully complete the time and activity in the name Ann. After the name is complete, it is repeated throughout the life.

A = 1, N = 5, N = 5
1 + 5 + 5 = 11 Year Cycle

In fundamental terms, names are created by combining letters. A name can be thought of like a theme that is repeated again and again throughout a person's life. All of a person's names are individual expressions and yet they harmonize like a musical chord when combined.

Calculating The Essences

To find the Essence for any given year, create a chart following the procedure below. We've prepared a blank Transit and Essence Chart for you. Please click here to go to that page and print out the blank chart. Hopefully you have a printer available. If not, just reproduce it on a piece of paper. Then return back to this spot to continue your learning.

  1. In the first open space in the Year column, place your subject's year of birth. Complete the rest of the column filling it in year by year.
  2. Fill in the Age column year by year. Remember to begin with zero in the year they were born.
  3. Fill in their First Name letter by letter in the next column. Remember to repeat the letter equivalent to the number the letter represents.
  4. Repeat this step for the Middle Name and Last Name as appropriate for each of the subject's names.
  5. Now add the numerical vibrations together followed by a slash "/" and the single digit reduction placing this information in the next column.
  6. Note the Essence for the current year.

Just like your Day of Birth, there is information in the individual numbers that make up the single digit Essence. Refer back to Numerology Lesson Five to refresh your memory since the principles are the same. Also note whether the Essence is a Karmic number or not. Refer to back to Numerology Lesson Twelve for a quick update if you like.

Age Chart for Timing The Essences

For ease of illustration, we have included only the first seventy years below in our example using Barbara's name. You can easily continue adding years to the chart. Just like the Pinnacles and Challenges, an Essence begins on the individual's Birth Date. In contrast, the Personal Year begins at the beginning of a new year (January 1st).

Year Age First
1953 0 B=2 A=1 K=2 5
54 1 B=2 N=5 K=2 9
55 2 A=1 N=5 E=5 11
56 3 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
57 4 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
58 5 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
59 6 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
60 7 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
61 8 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
62 9 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
63 10 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
64 11 R=9 A=1 L=3 13/4
65 12 B=2 N=5 L=3 10/1
66 13 B=2 N=5 Y=7 15/5
67 14 A=1 N=5 Y=7 13/4
68 15 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
69 16 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
70 17 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
71 18 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
72 19 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
73 20 R=9 N=5 K=2 16/7
74 21 R=9 N=5 K=2 16/7
75 22 R=9 A=1 E=5 15/6
76 23 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
77 24 A=1 N=5 E=5 11
78 25 B=2 N=5 E=5 12/3
79 26 B=2 N=5 E=5 12/3
80 27 A=1 N=5 L=3 9
81 28 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
82 29 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
83 30 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
84 31 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
85 32 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
86 33 R=9 A=1 Y=7 17/8
87 34 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
88 35 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
89 36 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
90 37 B=2 N=5 Y=7 14/5
91 38 B=2 N=5 Y=7 14/5
92 39 A=1 N=5 Y=7 13/4
93 40 R=9 N=5 K=2 16/7
94 41 R=9 N=5 K=2 16/7
95 42 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
96 43 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
97 44 R=9 A=1 E=5 15/6
98 45 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
99 46 R=9 N=5 E=5 19/1
2000 47 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
01 48 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
02 49 B=2 N=5 L=3 10/1
03 50 B=2 N=5 L=3 10/1
04 51 A=1 N=5 L=3 9
05 52 R=9 N=5 L=3 17/8
06 53 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
07 54 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
08 55 R=9 A=1 Y=7 17/8
09 56 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
10 57 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
11 58 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
12 59 R=9 N=5 Y=7 21/3
13 60 R=9 N=5 K=2 16/7
14 61 A=1 N=5 K=2 8
15 62 B=2

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