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Numerology Lesson Three - The Core Concept of Numerology

We like to think of our physical existence as a manifestation of our individual soul. Within the manifestation of our soul, there is a desire to learn, grow, create, and experience life within a body. This body has an individual pattern--a soul vibration--that is unique unto itself. When our individual vibration is born into the physical world, it contains within it a seed. This seed has a natural instinct along with characteristics. These qualities are what the individual pattern has brought with it. It also has within it a purpose!

Let's take a look at this seed. It was planted at birth and there is a grand intention within. The expression of this life is a continuation of its 'spiraling' journey. Experiences of expansion, connection, and awareness of its divine nature perpetuate the spiraling motion. It relies on its innate knowledge to assist it in growth, and its greatest hearts desires, to fuel it as it moves towards its purpose. As its roots grow, it matures by knowing its place in co-creation.

In previous lessons, we defined Numerology as a tool to interpret the physical manifestation of vibration. We can apply this tool to gain an understanding of an individual's unique pattern. Within us, we have five distinctive parts that wish to be synthesized and brought into balance. Let us take a moment to examine each aspect to understand what part of our nature each part expresses.

Life Path:

The Life is found in your Birthday. This vibration is at the heart of your being during this life. It tells you what you are really like. Its qualities want to be utilized and acknowledged. It is what is innate and natural for you. It is the vibration in which your soul has chosen to ground its essence. Therefore opportunities, experiences, and lessons that you attract this life will ask for you to draw on the energies present in your Life Path. By embracing these resources you will then be able to synthesize your other core parts. Note: Life Path is also called the 'Birth Force' in some Numerology texts.

Birth Day:

Your specific day of birth may direct you to added understanding of what you are here to do. For example, in the Birth Date of July 11th, 1956, the Birth Day is 11. I like to think of it as 'added spice' as it often combines with other energies to help them develop! Sometimes you will also find talents connected to this vibration since your Birth Day is a component of your Life Path (derived from your entire Birth Date).


The name you were given at birth tells a wonderful story. Your name is what you must be this life. It is a 'Divine Promise' of opportunity. When embracing the qualities of this vibration, you find that your soul adds to its experiences, knowledge, and growth. In the Expression number, you will find evidence of your purpose. As you synthesize this core part, you will also discover a deeper connection to your other parts. Sometimes natural abilities are also found within a person's Expression number. Note: Expression is also called 'Destiny' in some Numerology texts.

Heart's Desire:

This vibration comes from the vowels in your name. The vowels are said to be very sacred and in some languages were so respected they were never written! The Heart's Desire provides insight into your soul's deepest urges and values (what you find important, just, fair, etc.) This is not to be taken lightly for it is a very wise part of you. It is the part that has the deepest feelings and sheds light on what you most desire. You will find your most essential motivations here. Your Heart's Desire is a major part of your core since it beautifies and rounds out your character. This part of you also wishes to harmonize with your other core vibrations so that you may express fully all that you are. I feel the Heart's Desire is a key that will open doors for your other key parts to fully express. Note: Heart's Desire is also called 'Soul Urge' in some Numerology texts.


The information within the Personality gives us an understanding of how others may attempt to see and direct us. It provides us with insight on which aspects of our personality others may recognize and validate. This information is derived from their first surface impressions. What we are describing is the influence the outer world has on us. Yes, the Personality number has qualities that are very much a part of us. We may be content with what this vibration has to offer for a while. However, it is the Heart's Desire vibration that assists us in manifesting our full natures. The Heart's Desire will lead us to a greater fulfillment found within our Expression vibration. As you will recall, the Expression includes both the vowels (Heart's Desire) and the consonants (Personality) in your name.


In Numerology these are the five major vibrations that make up your core nature:

Life Path Life Path
Birth Day Birth Day
Expression Expression
Heart’s Desire Heart's Desire
Personality Personality

You are a blending of these vibrations. Sometimes one core part may stand out more than others. Often one part stays in the background as you recognize, express, and experience the other parts. Eventual synchronization and blending of all parts into a balanced, fully functioning, and expressive self is the ultimate experience of this lifetime.

In the next few numerology lessons we will explore each core aspect fully. We'll be showing you how to specifically calculate each of these five core vibrations. There are also other modifiers that can impact these vibrations and we will also learn more about them in future lessons. These individual parts can blend with ease or create disharmony (which throws them out of balance). Whatever the case may be, rest assured it is all part of your co-created master plan! The plan is within your soul and expresses your desire to experience more of life!

Numerology Home Play

In this numerology lesson we want to give you some exercises so that you can become comfortable playing with words and finding their numerical values. During this exercise, you will review how to:

  • Find the numerical values for each letter of a specific word.

  • Add those numbers together.

  • If necessary, add those numbers together until you have one digit ('digit down'). (Remember that the numbers 11 and 22 are master vibrations and can stand on their own.)

To do this exercise you will need to refer back to both numerology Lesson One and Lesson Two to find the meanings of each vibration. Use Lesson One for the totals of a given word and Lesson Two for the vibration of each individual letter that makes up the word you are studying. Make sure to check out both the total and the individual letters.

Let's start your exercise by using the name of Barbara as an example:

B 2
A 1
R 9
B 2
A 1
R 9
A 1
Total 25
Digit Down 2 + 5 = 7

In future numerology lessons you'll be learning the different parts that vowels and consonants play in Numerology. At this stage, we'll give you the 'hint' that the vowels are what makes up a person's Heart's Desire and the consonants are used to determine a person's Personality (how they are viewed by others). So, begin to think:

Vowels = Heart's Desire Vowels = Heart's Desire
Consonants = Personality Consonants = Personality
Total = Expression Total = Expression

We'll be showing you how to calculate the Heart's Desire, Personality, and Expression numbers in an upcoming lesson. Back to the name 'Barbara':


Her vowels are all 'A's' which tell us that she is very self-reliant and capable of leading. She enjoys change and also has a pioneering spirit. This would mean that she is motivated to do things in a new way as well as bring into awareness new or innovative ways of thinking. Sometimes with this much 'A energy', she could become a little stubborn at times.


'B' and 'R'. The 'B' brings in the qualities of a helper and someone who would desire to be in connection with others. It adds some gentleness to her nature. The 'R' helps her balance out the three 'A's' by giving her a greater sense of humanity, which would help her from becoming to self-absorbed. The 'R' is also good at teaching and like the '7' total, it seeks universal wisdom.


When you refer back to Numerology Lesson One, you will see that the total of '7' tells us that within the name 'Barbara' we have an individual that seeks wisdom and knowledge. Her first name shows us that she has a deep desire to learn and also has abilities that would assist her in being a great teacher. She probably uses her senses to gain deeper knowledge into the unseen.

Can you start to get a sense of how the individual energies within the name blend to form a single vibration? Notice how they relate to each other and draw out the qualities of each other. Part of learning Numerology is allowing your intuition to begin to synthesize the vibrations and seeing how they could possibly come together.

Your Turn:

  1. Right now grab some paper and something to write with. We'll wait... Great.

  2. Now take a few minutes and play with the name Barbara a little more. See what other understandings you can come up with.

  3. Make a list of ten words that are nouns (any person, place, or thing).

  4. Now start with the first word on your list. Look at the vowels within that word and see if it doesn't give you some insight into the heart of its nature.

  5. Next look at the consonants and see how that item's personality is perceived by the external world.

  6. Total the word down to one digit and look up at its destiny.

  7. Continue by doing steps 4 - 6 with each word on your list.

Here are some more examples that you may find interesting:

Book: 2662 = 16/7 which is a number that holds within it knowledge! At the heart of a book are the 'O' vowels which express a desire to take on responsibility. It wants to be of service and likes to give back. It expresses for humanity! It can take many forms from practical to esthetic as long as it serves!

Car: 319 = 13/4 which is a vibration that is hard working, constructive and practical. At the heart of the word car is the vowel of 'A' which is aggressive and adventurous and has much independence! It is a catalyst activating other vibrations around it. Sometimes they are stubborn! They love change!

Telephone: = 25357655 = 46/1 is a vibration that is innovative and original. It wants to initiate an exchange. At its heart it has three 'E's' and one 'O'. With that much 'E' you can tell that it travels! It seeks freedom but the 'O' shows that it has a sense of family, community, and seeks to serve as well.

By doing this exercise you can gain a sense of how vibrations blend. After we spend time discussing the core vibrations in more depth, we will then practice blending those vibrations.

Have fun!

Next Numerology Lesson

In Lesson Four we will feature 'The Life Path'. Analyzing your individual date of birth helps you to understand some of your life lessons and why you have the talents and abilities that you do. Gaining information in this area can create more freedom for you to express these qualities. Your talents and innate abilities will begin to make sense to you in a new way that can be very empowering. Rather than going through life resisting them, you will gain a greater sense of how to channel them as you synthesize all of your core vibrations described throughout this course.

Click here for Lesson Four: The Life Path


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