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Numerology Lesson 18 - The Life Path Periods

In this Numerology lesson, we will discuss the last of the Key Cyclic Vibrations known as the Life Path Periods. Do not confuse this term with the core Life Path number. Instead these are Life Path Periods which are experienced in three stages throughout life and represent a broader range of influence than the other Key Cyclic Vibrations. Their presence brings a rather global influence and effects our individual natures in a less specific way. Whatever Life Path Period a person is in, they can learn from what the energies present and have to offer. Their influence helps to develop the character of the number within the person. 

First Life Path Period

The first Life Path Period begins at birth. This developmental period runs through youth and young adulthood. This first period is a part of life that usually includes one's school years and young adult work experiences. What a person learns during this period lays a foundation for the next Life Path Period.

Second Life Path Period

The second Life Path Period is our most productive time of life and spans our middle years. During this middle period, the energy present typically touches our family life, career, and other areas of daily life. As we grow and experience life, the knowledge developed from our experiences influence this second Life Path Period and are available to us in later years.

Third Life Path Period

The third Life Path Period is a time for integrating knowledge and wisdom. This period builds upon the growth and development of the first two Life Path Periods. It is a time for reflection and releasing any left over struggles or concerns.

A Numerological Allegory

Once there was a traveler who was born--just like all souls--with a mission. From the moment of her birth, a seed was planted deep within her being to walk entirely around the Earth.

She came into this life with a wide variety of latent abilities. Her time in the crib was part of her journey, as were her first attempts at crawling and her first steps. In fact, her birth was actually her first "step" on her journey.

As she grew, it was clear to any thoughtful observer that her life, like all lives, was heading toward "something" or "somewhere". As she became of age to travel outside of her community, it was with fond farewells that her loved ones expressed their parting words of love and support.

As she traveled each day, month, and year the path was constantly changing. However, what didn't change was what excited and motivated her as she walked along the path.

Her travels brought her into contact with many other people and, as people do, they had their own perceptions of who she was and what she was doing. Since she was well nurtured as a young girl, she knew that other's impressions of her were... well, their impressions.

As she was becoming more adept in her daily walking, it was also becoming clear to her that she had her strengths and weaknesses. To her credit, she continually practiced turning her weaknesses into strengths. She knew that they were not personal defects but instead were gifts placed within her being to develop her being in new ways.

She walked through the countryside. She walked through various towns cities, states/provinces and... eventually, countries. She walked, lived life, and experienced the path. Sometimes the path was fraught with difficulties while at other times it provided sure footing under her (rather tired) feet. And yes, for all of you readers with a 7 Life Path, she occasionally enjoyed passage on ships. She's quite a person but it's too much of a stretch to say she walked on water!

After much more walking, she actually began to include continents traveled in her journal of events.

Finally, at the end of the last continent, she looked back over her travels. All of the people, places, and things. She pondered what she had added to her soul and the world in which she had walked.

Allegory Interpretation

Hopefully, at this point in our on-line workshop, you were able to connect some of the elements of our traveler's story with the elements found in this Numerology course. Here's a list for your enjoyment:

  • Where She's Headed: Expression
  • Her Latent (and latter developed) Abilities: Life Path, Birth Day, and Intensification Points
  • What Excited and Motivated Her: Heart's Desire
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Changes: Personal Day, Month, Week, Year
  • Impressions of Others: Personality
  • Weaknesses Transformed into Strengths: Habit Challenge
  • Cities Visited: The Essences and The Transits (coming up in the next two lessons)
  • Regions and Countries Visited: Pinnacles and Challenges
  • Continents Visited: Life Path Periods
  • What She Added To Her Soul and the World: Maturity Number

Timing of the Life Path Periods

The following chart illustrates ages when Life Path Periods begin and end. The transitions from one period to the next are very gradual. The Periods always change in a 1 Personal Year, but the influences of the next Life Path Period are sometimes felt a couple years before they actually change. In the same way, a previous Life Path Period gradually fades over a period of a couple of years after the new Life Path Period begins.

Like the Pinnacles and Challenges, the Life Path determines the timing of the Life Path Periods:

  1. The First Life Path Period starts at birth.

  2. The Second Life Path Period starts on January 1 of the 1 Personal Year closest to the 28th Birthday.

  3. The Third Life Path Period starts on January 1 of the 1 Personal Year closest to the 56th Birthday and continues the rest of the life.

Age Chart for Life Path Period Timing

Life Path Number First Life Path Period  Second Life Path Period Third Life Path Period
9 0-27 28-54 55 on
8 0-28 29-55 56 on
7 0-29 30-56 57 on
6 0-30 31-57 58 on
5 0-31 32-58 59 on
4 0-23 24-59 60 on
3 0-24 25-51 52 on
2 0-25 26-52 53 on
1 0-26 27-53 54 on


Calculating the Life Path Periods

  • The First Life Path Period is digited down from the Month of Birth.

  • The Second Life Path Period is the digited down from the Day of Birth.

  • The Third Life Path Period is the digited down from the Year of Birth.

By this point in the course, you know how to interpret the Master Numbers of 11 and 22.

We begin by using Barbara's date of birth as our example:


26th 1953

11/2 Master No.

2 + 6 = 8 1 + 9 + 5 + 3 = 18



1 + 8 = 9

11 + 8 + 9 = 28
2 + 8 = 1 Life Path

Month of Birth  = The First Life Path Period

11/2 First Life Path Period

Day of Birth = The Second Life Path Period

2 + 6  = 8 Second Life Path Period

Year of Birth  = The Third Life Path Period


1 + 9 + 5 + 3 = 18

1 + 8 = 9 Third Life Path Period

By calculating Barbara's birth date we determine that her First Life Path Period is an 11/2. Because her Life Path is a 1, her First Life Path Period is felt from birth until the end of December after her 26th Birthday. The influences of the 11/2 expose her to energies represented in this Master Number. Therefore, the energies of awareness, creativity, inspiration, and developing a sixth sense are present.

Remember these influences are broad in nature. Perhaps she recognizes situations in her environment that provide examples of these qualities. But most often the impressions that are left with the individual are outside of conscious awareness. We also know that she experiences the Master Number of 11 as the single digit of 2.

The energy in the First Life Path Period lingers for a couple years into the second Life Path Period, just as the Second Life Path Period is felt for a couple years before it actually officially begins.

Barbara is experiencing her Second Life Path Period now and it is an 8 vibration. This period started on the beginning of January before her 27th Birthday and will conclude at the end of December before her 54th Birthday. The 8 vibration as her Second Life Path Period influences her productive years. The energies present themselves as environmental influences of power, authority, and leadership skills. During this productive period, her career ideas and family influences may contain these qualities. She may also notice how others use power and authority as well as how organized and efficient they are. She may examine her values and beliefs in these areas. Keep in mind that a Life Path Period provides a global influence. It subtly guides a person to notice the qualities that the vibration represents.

Barbara experiences a 9 for her Third Life Path Period. It begins in the January before her 54th Birthday. Her integrative years will guide her with the wisdom of a 9 vibration. She  may desire to expand herself spiritually and creatively. The 9 holds within it universal understanding. What a nice last Life Path Period to behold. This vibration assists in addressing all areas of life since a 9 holds all vibration within it.

Final Notes

Remember to examine an individual's whole chart to see if the same vibrations appear anywhere else in the chart. Concentrations of the same energy create a greater importance to work with and understand the dynamics of the vibration.

In Numerology Lesson One we provide key words to describe the energies of each number. Please refer back to Lesson One and apply the energies to each of the Life Path Periods. Keep in mind which Life Path Period the number represents and apply the information according.

Numerology Home Play

  1. Get your pen and pad out and refer back to the names with which you have previously been working.

  2. Refer back to the Life Path calculations in Lesson Four to identify the birth dates of each individual.

  3. Refer back to the number chart in Lesson One to identify the energies that each number represents along with the explanations given in this lesson.

  4. Calculate the three Life Path Periods for each person.

  5. Note if any of their Life Path Periods correspond to any of their Core Aspects or other Key Elements.

  6. Note how the Life Path Periods could build on each other to create a path of experience.

Next Numerology Lesson

In Numerology Lesson Nineteen we will discuss The Essences. The Essences indicate key influences to the Personal Year and how it is directed. Often sudden events are triggered by an Essence. The Essence can provide powerful insights and describe possible encounters that may last a year or two or even much longer. Our next lesson will help you determine how to gain the most from The Essences and apply them in ways to benefit your life.

Click here for Lesson Nineteen The Essences


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