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Numerology Lesson 15 - The Personal Year

In previous Numerology lessons we learned the essentials that describe our character, motivations, and opportunities. Now let's go one step further and find out how one's individual nature is effected by the timing of events and cyclic influences that exist in a Numerology Chart. In Numerology there are two types of Cyclic Vibrations:

  1. Key Cyclic Vibrations

  2. Personal Cyclic Vibrations

Through the next several lessons these various vibrations will be the topic of discussion. In this lesson we feature the Personal Cyclic Vibration of the Personal Year. Since the Personal Month and Personal Day are part of the Personal Year, we'll show you how to calculate them as well.

The Personal Year is a vibration that you can immediately recognize and receive benefit from. Have you ever noticed how during some years you felt very restless and eager to begin new undertakings? Or that in other years you felt quite content to stay at home, work on your environment, and focus on your family. Then again, some years you might have felt like you were letting go of much with which you previously identified and that you felt anticipation about the future. What we are describing is the influence that The Personal Year can have on you. We really do create our lives with a certain rhythm and there are optimal times to initiate new tasks.

The Personal Year's rhythm is based on the vibrations of 1 - 9. The Personal Year is the most illuminating when you are facing a decision or wanting to know the probability of certain events. Each year you work through one of the nine Personal Years since the Personal Years run concurrently. They start on January 1st and continue through Dec 31st. At the end of the year you begin the next Personal Year. For example, if you are in a 9 Personal Year this year, on January 1st you will enter a 1 Personal Year.

Just as we have an individual Personal Year vibration, there is also a Universal Year that describes the general planetary vibration during the entire year. The Universal Year runs with our calendar year. It is quite simple to calculate:

  • Add the numbers of the current year

  • Reduce them to a single digit from 1 to 9

Sometimes in a 2 year the Master Number of 11 will be present. Be sure and add correctly to make sure you get the correct number. The same is true in a 4 personal year, the Master Number of 22 may be present.

Universal Year Chart

Using the Year of 1999 for our example:


1 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 28

2 + 8 = 1 Universal Year

Using the Year 2000 as our example:

2 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 2
2 Universal Year

Personal Year Chart

Now that we know the Universal Year, we are ready to calculate our Personal Year. To figure out what your Personal Year is, add your month and day of birth to the Universal Year.

Birth Month + Day of Birth + Universal Year = Personal Year

Personal Year Vibrations

The Personal Year embraces each number's individual qualities and applies them as the energy needed to initiate, cultivate, expand, progress, and eventually reap the rewards of a cycle of experience. The individual energies within each number express themselves in a natural organic rhythm that cultivates human potential and growth. To refresh your memory Numerology Lesson One describes the numbers in greater detail.

It makes sense that a 1 would lead our experience and a 9 would conclude, holding within it the knowledge, compassion, and understanding gained from a full cycle of experience. Once we conclude a full cycle through the 9 Personal Years, we start all over again. The following definitions will give you some guidance in how to apply each number's energies to the direction contained in a Personal Year.

1 Personal Year

This is a new beginning time. Embrace courage, openness, and initiate new ideas. Energy is behind you supporting new directions, self definition, and new ideas. Follow your dreams and begin cultivating what really motivates you. It is not a time to wait around as you could miss out on what this year has to offer. You really are setting the pace for the next nine years.

2 Personal Year

This year requires cooperation, patience, and continued development of what you began last year. Time is needed to put everything into motion. Continue to focus on your motivations and step by step progress so that what you began last year can further develop. Relationships are also an area of focus throughout the year.

3 Personal Year

This year wants to expand your life and focus. It brings increased activity and recognition. Enthusiasm moves into the picture. You may find yourself quite busy with more social interaction. Seeds can be planted in the hearts and minds of those around you. If you become confused by too many directions, pick the one that excites you the most. Expression and Creativity are highlighted.

4 Personal Year

Organization is key in this year including continued development and focus. You may feel a little restricted in some ways but keep in mind the reward ahead from you efforts. This is a foundation year and asks you to finish details where continued support is needed.

5 Personal Year

This year promises rewards and progress from what you developed the previous four years. Often opportunities come your way to advance in various directions. The year asks for flexibility, and may bring some risks, but rewards are what the year wishes to bring. Sometimes relationships at a distance and travel are highlighted.

6 Personal Year

Relationships with family, friends, and co-workers is key this year. The spotlight shines more on domestic matters. Love interests are often highlighted as well as the passion that connects us to our creativity. There is also a focus on self-love, connection, and nurturing.

7 Personal Year

This is somewhat of a sabbatical time. Much is gained through reflection and personal refinement. You may want to ask yourself some important questions like what your Life Purpose is and what you want your life to be like. It is a time for seeking a deeper understanding into your inner nature. Solitude is often needed in order to quiet your mind and get in touch with what really matters to you.

8 Personal Year

After the reflection of last year, it is time to move from the inner world into the outer world and manifest in greater ways what you have been working toward during the last seven years. Material issues, career, and worldly accomplishments come to the forefront. Organization is again important and monetary gain is possible.

9 Personal Year

Much like the 7 Personal Year the 9 invites you to pay special attention to your inner world. You have graduated from a cycle of experience. It is a time for completing many areas of experience so that you can move freely into the next cycle ahead without carrying forward outgrown or unneeded baggage. There is a letting go of the old as anticipation of future possibilities exists within you. Gratefulness and compassion are especially important at this time.

11 Personal Year

Unless Master Numbers are noted in the Core Aspects of the individual's chart, the 11 Personal Year is usually approached as a 2 Personal Year. In the case where the 11 is embraced, it would benefit an individual to utilize their intuitive, spiritual, and inspirational talents to direct their affairs. Contribution to humanity and inspiring others is usually part of the agenda.

22 Personal Year

Again, unless Master Numbers are evident in the Core Aspects of an individual's chart, it is quite difficult to approach the year as a 22 would indicate. Therefore, the 4 would direct the energies. If the 22 is embraced, you can expect much to be accomplished since this Master Number wants to create on a large scale. Like the 11, the 22 requires a certain devotion to the well-being of others and the goodness of humanity. A universal approach is necessary to fully engage in this Master Number vibration.

Personal Year Example

November 26th + Current Universal Year
11 + 2 6 + 1999
11 + 8 + 1 = 20/2 Personal Year

Using the example of Barbara's Birthday, we note that she is in a 2 Personal Year. By referring to the Personal Year descriptions, we know that she is in her second year of a new cycle which began last year. The best way to direct energies this year is to further develop the ideas that she aspired to last year. Patience and time are her tools along with the cooperation of others. A 2 Personal Year also highlights friendships and relationships. When doing a chart, always note when the Personal Year corresponds with a Core Element or any other major element. Because Barbara's Destiny is an 11/2, this year may further her along with opportunities that are part of her most beneficial life experiences. This is a splendid time to enjoy a more relaxed pace. The 3 Personal Year that follows will certainly pick up the pace!

Personal Months and Personal Days

Within our Personal Year we also have Personal Months and Personal Days. A Personal Month or Personal Day is similar in vibration, however its meaning is tailored to the actions of the particular number represented for the month or day. In other words, you would apply the same qualities that are noted in the examples previously mentioned to a monthly or daily experience.

Personal Month Chart

It is simple to calculate your Personal Month. Now that you know what your Personal Year is, add it to the current month and you have your Personal Month vibration. We will use the month of May and Barbara's Personal Year for our example.

May + 2 Personal Year

5 + 2 = 7 Personal Month

Because Barbara is in a 7 Personal Month in May, we know that the month requires deeper reflection and analysis to further her along in her 2 Personal Year. During the month of May, refining ideas and projects, continued personal development, and educating herself in areas that represent her goals will add to the development of her 2 Personal Year and this cycle of her life.

Personal Day Chart

Each day of the month has its own Personal Day vibration for each individual. To find a Personal Day, add the Personal Month to the calendar day in question. Again using Barbara for an example, and the random date of May 13th, we would find her in an 11 Personal Day. Remember to apply the Master Number comments above.

Personal Month + Current Day Digit
7 Personal Month + (Current Day = Example: May 13th) 13/4 = 11 Personal Day

This day is a good one for spiritual pursuit and self care. It is also a grand day to pay attention to intuition and creativity. Perhaps an opportunity will present itself to help a friend or share a delightful experience. It could also be a day that requires a little patience in some ways, because it is a more internal day than one that is externally demanding.

The vibration found in your Personal Day can help you determine when it is a good time to initiate a direction, sleep in and take it easy, help others, travel, rest, study, etc. Of course,  planning our life wholly by what is represented in the Personal Days isn't realistic. However, we can get a good idea of how our energy might flow each day and how to best utilize the energies available.


Firstly, note and pay attention to your Personal Year. The force of the year is best realized in the months between March and September. September is the month where the Personal Year will be most evident. Why? Because September is a 9 (the 9th month) and when you add 9 to any other number, it will always digit back down to the other number. Check it out! Therefore, September will mirror the vibration of whatever Personal Year you are in. Then the last three months of each year begin to prepare you for the coming new year.

Secondly, note your current Personal Month. This will help you plan and time various stages throughout the year. Lastly, note your Personal Day. For example, on some days you will need extra time to reflect throughout the day, where other days you will feel eager to accomplish and get things done.

Numerology Home Play

  1. Get your pen and pad out and refer back to the names with which you have previously been working.

  2. Refer back to the Life Path calculations in Numerology Lesson Four to identify the birth dates of each individual.

  3. Refer back to the number chart in Numerology Lesson One to identify the energies that each number represents along with the explanations given in this lesson.

  4. Figure out the Personal Year for each person and note if it corresponds to any of their Core Aspects.

  5. Next, Calculate their Personal Month and note how their year progresses.

  6. If desired, also note the Personal Day and how to best take advantage of its energies.

Next Numerology Lesson

Now that we understand the timing of our Personal Year--including the Personal Month and Personal Day--in Numerology Lesson Sixteen we will apply this knowledge to four major Key Cyclic Vibrations in our life. These cycles, called Pinnacles, are essentially road maps. They express four major phases of living and indicate the direction you will travel during these phases. The Pinnacles have much to offer, so remember to investigate the next lesson in order to discover what is ahead for you.

Click here for Lesson Sixteen The Pinnacles


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