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Numerology Lesson 17 - The Challenges

In the last Numerology lesson the Pinnacles, which are Key Cyclic Vibrations were discussed in detail. This lesson features the Challenges. The Challenges are also Key Cyclic Vibrations and run concurrently with the Pinnacles. Just as the Pinnacles present a well defined road map, so do the Challenges. However, the Challenges represent a different aspect of the path.

With the Pinnacles we see the road ahead. We can attain a good idea of where the road is headed. If we use the metaphor of taking a walk, we can relate the Pinnacles to the path on which we walk to get to our destination. The Challenges represent the twists, turns and potholes in the path along the way. At first the obstacles appear as something to overcome. However, while walking the path and becoming conscious of the imperfections, the Challenges actually begin to enrich our experience. Learning how to maneuver is an impetus for a successful and an enriched experience.

The Challenges first appear to do just that, challenge us. Yet they are actually incentives that lead us to victory. They call on us to develop skill and talent. It is important not to try and overcome the Challenge but instead to actually become it! They point us to habits that wish to be redirected thus helping us to continually evolve. The Challenges and Pinnacles go hand in hand. Once you determine the current Pinnacle, always look toward the Challenge to discover what else there is to learn.

The Challenges are based on nine year cycles and run concurrently with the Pinnacles. Please refer back to Numerology Lesson Fifteen. You will recall that the Personal Years  of 1 - 9 make up a complete cycle. You can combine these two Key Cyclic Vibrations--The Pinnacles and Challenges--with the Personal Year to attain an understanding of the range of experiences possible in a given year. Just as with the Pinnacles, the Challenges also express differently depending if they are the first, middle, or last cycles of development.

Type of Challenges

There are essentially three types of Challenges that extend through a person's life:

  1. Outstanding Challenges

  2. Mixed Challenges

  3. Cipher Challenges. Cipher is another word for "zero". A Cipher Challenge has three divisions, the single cipher, the double cipher, and the complete cipher.

Outstanding Challenges:

Outstanding Challenges are a pattern of Challenges that run through several nine year cycles. When a specific challenge occurs two, three, and sometimes four times within a person's life, we call those Outstanding Challenges. In this case, an individual has a real opportunity to master this specific vibration. It is a major life lesson to embrace and use throughout their life.

Mixed Challenge:

The Mixed Challenge consists of a variety of different numbers bringing the development that arises from working with multiple energies.

Cipher Challenge:

Until this point in our workshop, a Cipher (zero) hasn't been used in our numerology calculations. This is because the Challenge is calculated by subtraction. Having a nine as a Challenge is not mathematically possible because it is the highest number used and all the other numbers are subtracted from it. (More on that in a moment.) However, the cipher can actually take on the qualities of the nine.

The Cipher Challenge is the most interesting. The cipher, as mentioned, actually takes on the qualities of the 9. A Cipher Challenge, is a time for experiencing all challenges or no challenges. As a person masters their nature, a Cipher Challenge gives room to draw continually from its variety. A Cipher Challenge may create a sense of lacking direction. When a Cipher Challenge runs through multiple cycles, the lack of direction can cause difficulties. In this case, look toward the Core Aspects, and other energies, to gain direction.

Challenge Type Summary

The 1, 2, 3, and the Cipher are the most common Challenges. The 4 and 5 follow and the 6 comes next. The 6 is usually a very positive challenge. The 7 and 8 usually connect to a Cipher challenge and occur in the latter cycles.

A Challenge requires you to apply the energies found within the number developing the energy as an asset. In other words, learn to cultivate the skills available within the number and apply them to everyday life. Remember to embrace rather than try to overcome the forces at hand. In this way the Challenge combines with the Pinnacle and ensures success.

Calculating the Challenges

In calculating the Challenges, we combine the same numbers found in the Birthday. Instead of using addition, as with the Pinnacles, we use subtraction to find the Challenges.

Always subtract the smaller of the two numbers from the larger number. Remember a nine Pinnacle is never found as a challenge because it is the highest number used and all the other numbers are subtracted from it.

Note: Master Numbers are not used in calculating Challenges. When finding a Challenge, reduce Master Numbers to one digit before subtracting.

  • The First Challenge is the difference of the month and day of birth.

  • The Second Challenge is difference of the day of birth and year of birth.

  • The Third Challenge is the difference of the First Challenge and the Second Challenge.

  • The Fourth Pinnacle is the difference of the month and year.

Challenge Chart

Using Barbara's date of birth as our example:


26th 1953

11/2 Master No.

2 + 6 = 8 1 + 9 + 5 + 3 = 18



1 + 8 = 9

11 + 8 + 9 = 1 Life Path

Subtract the Month and Day = The First Challenge

8 (Day) - 11/2 (Month)  = 6
= 6 First Challenge

Subtract the Day and Year = The Second Challenge

953/18/9 (Year) - 26/8 (Day)  = 1 
= 1 Second Challenge

Subtract these two numbers from each other = The Third Challenge

6 (First Challenge) - 1 (Second Challenge) = 5 Third Challenge

Subtract the Month and Year = The Fourth Challenge

1953/18/9 (Year) - 11/2 (Month) = 7

= 7 Fourth Challenge

Timing of the Challenges

To calculate the timing of the Challenges, follow the same instructions found in Numerology Lesson Sixteen. For your convenience, the age chart is included in this lesson.

Age Chart for Challenge Timing

Life Path Number First Pinnacle  Second Pinnacle Third Pinnacle Fourth Pinnacle
9 0-27 28-36 37-45 46 on
8 0-28 29-37 38-46 47 on
7 0-29 30-38 39-47 48 on
6 0-30 31-39 40-48 49 on
5 0-31 32-40 41-49 50 on
4 0-32 33-41 42-50 51 on
3 0-33 34-42 43-51 52 on
2 0-34 35-43 44-52 53 on
1 0-35 36-44 45-53 54 on

With the Age Charts for both Pinnacle and Challenge timing, we determine that in the year of 1999, Barbara is in her Third Pinnacle and Challenge. By referring back to Numerology Lesson Fifteen, we can note that she is also in a 2 Personal Year. Her Third Challenge is a 5 vibration along with a 9 Third Pinnacle.

Many times a 5 Challenge compliments a 9 Pinnacle. This combination occurs frequently. We find that the 5 Challenge creates more exposure to other professionals and to the public. Through these encounters, tools for self awareness, healing, and personal empowerment are all possible. The 9 Pinnacle is drawn to universal understanding, so this combination is quite creative where possibilities are concerned. The energy can aid the individual and others with whom they come into contact.

With this Pinnacle-Challenge combination, Barbara will attract numerous opportunities to grow personally in the next few years. During the next seven years (because Barbara is currently in a 2 Personal Year) as her talents express themselves more, she will also develop relationships in broader ways. The 5 Challenge will broaden her sphere of influence as well as expand her sense of community.

Challenge Interpretations

Apply the vibration within the numbers as learned in Numerology Lesson One to each Challenge and its significant vibration. As you create your interpretations, keep in mind how each of the energies represented in each Challenge work together with the concurrent Pinnacle and current Personal Year.

1 Challenge:

Feelings of opposition and difficulty with authoritative figures may be dominant. This is a time to cultivate will power and learn to trust the yourself. Avoid trying to overcome the actions of others. Develop a greater sense of personal identity and apply your original ideas, wit, and adventuresome spirit.

2 Challenge:

This is one of the most common challenges. Sensitivity is a human element and wants to enhance the quality of life. When suppressing this energy, shyness and lack of confidence results. This is a time to allow feelings and emotions to teach us more about what is within us. Cultivating sensitivity helps us apply knowledge and understanding leading to the harmony and balance. 

3 Challenge:

Expression may feel misdirected or repressed until this challenge is recognized. By embracing the 3 energy, cultivation of talent and skill may result in many creative endeavors. Explore the talents and allow them to express and redefine themselves. Speak up, share ideas, and meet and mingle with others.

4 Challenge:

This Challenge usually comes as a latter Challenge. Its gifts are a sense of value and the ability to put an idea or concept into form. This is a time to manifest and attain a result. Direction is evident. It asks you to apply the energies of the 4 to a cause of purpose.

5 Challenge:

This number as a Challenge creates a public life. Freedom and flexibility are important and the world wants to gain from the participation of an individual with this Challenge. Sometimes remaining grounded and keeping a sense of direction can be difficult. Remember to give things time to mature before pulling up roots.

6 Challenge:

This Challenge brings service and often with it a chance to heal, teach, and experience all that mankind can appreciate through the finer senses. Appreciation in all forms are highlighted. Whether this time is devoted to learning how to appreciate and love oneself, or is focused on others, the responsibility of love and all that it is embraces is at hand. This also may be a time to experience domestic affairs in whole new way.

7 Challenge:

With this Challenge comes a feeling of separation or a sense of detachment. It offers wisdom, knowledge, and understanding which can ease the illusion of aloneness. Sometimes an event buried from the past wants to be healed and, through awareness, release can occur. Refinement and cultivation can lead to great achievement and contribution in the world as well.

8 Challenge:

This Challenge asks the parts of ones nature holding onto judgment to learn discernment as well. It is time to check motives, beliefs, and begin to see the big picture rather than just one side of any given situation. In addition, if energies are applied to meaningful enterprises, attainment and recognition can follow.

Cipher Challenge:

As mentioned above, this Challenge represents all Challenges or no Challenges. It is not uncommon for this challenge to span more than one cycle. It cultivates choice in the individual to either coast along or embrace a benevolent attitude. Embracing the latter, with compassion and a sense of direction, contributes to the world and life brings much reward and promise. The person with this challenge has an opportunity to make a difference in the world in wonderful ways.

Numerology Home Play

  1. Get your pen and pad out and refer back to the names with which you have previously been working.

  2. Refer back to the Life Path calculations in Numerology Lesson Four to identify the birth dates of each individual.

  3. Refer back to the number chart in Numerology Lesson One to identify the energies that each number represents along with the explanations given in this lesson.

  4. Figure out the four main Challenges for each person.

  5. Note if any of their Challenges correspond to any of their Core Aspects.

  6. Note the Pinnacle that runs concurrently with the Challenge and the possible ways they could interact.

  7. Note their Personal Year in relationship with the Pinnacles and Challenges. Play with synthesizing the three energies after defining them independently.

  8. Lastly, examine the combinations of the other  Pinnacles and Challenges. Note how they combine to create a life road map.

Next Numerology Lesson

Numerology Lesson Eighteen covers another Key Cyclic Vibration: The Life Path Periods. They run long-term and represent a more general energy than the Pinnacles and Challenges. The Life Path Cycles represent a broader mission of influence. Follow along in the next lesson to learn more about what energies you will experience during the three major Life Path Periods of life.

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